Help Menu

The help menu is the fourth menu item in DataLog, and is located near the upper left hand corner of the program. 2. Join Online Meeting: used when AgWare Technical Support staff … Read more

Sale Analysis Section

Basic data for the sale are entered here. Read more about how to enter a sale here. There are several fields in this section that can be expanded for additional … Read more

Sale Identification Section

The Sale Identification section is the first section on a DataLog sale sheet. Rule Set and Access Group are used by Enterprise Database customers, and both are required for validation. … Read more

Transfer Sales

There are several options for transferring sales in DataLog, and they can be found under the Transfer Sales button. Paste Sale: pastes the sale(s) that is on the computer’s clipboard into the … Read more

Delete Sales

You can delete sales in DataLog by highlighting the desired sale(s), and clicking on the delete sale button above the sales grid.  You can also use the right-click menu on … Read more

New Sale

There are several options for creating a new sale in DataLog, and they can be found under the New Sale menu. New Blank Sale: creates a new, blank sale in … Read more

Sales Grid Footer

In the DataLog Sales Grid, there is an optional footer feature that will display additional statistics over the sales in the current folder.  To enable the footer, right click on … Read more

Edit Sale: Menus & Buttons

The edit sale window has its own menus and toolbar buttons. Menus’   Save: saves the current sale. Save and Close: saves and closes the current sale. Edit Menu Cut: cuts … Read more

Sale Viewer

The Sale Viewer is located in the lower right hand section of DataLog.  The currently highlighted sale in the sales grid is displayed in the sale viewer.  The viewer allows … Read more

Folders Menu

The folders menu is the third menu item in DataLog, and is located near the upper left hand corner of the program. Rename Folder: allows users to rename the currently selected … Read more