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Help Menu

The help menu is the fourth menu item in DataLog, and is located near the upper left hand corner of the program. 1. Online Help: launches a web browser that takes the user directly the help section of the AgWare website. 2. Join Online Meeting: used when AgWare Technical Support staff needs to remote into the user’s […]

Sale Analysis Section

Basic data for the sale are entered here. Read more about how to enter a sale here. There are several fields in this section that can be expanded for additional details: Grantor, Grantee and Financing. This allows TRACKING of the details in DataLog ONLY; the information is not transferred anywhere and is NOT visible in […]

Sale Identification Section

The Sale Identification section is the first section on a DataLog sale sheet. Rule Set and Access Group are used by Enterprise Database customers, and both are required for validation.  Each field is described below: Sale Index: The sale index is a unique identifier for a given sale.  Standard users are not required to use […]

Transfer Sales

There are several options for transferring sales in DataLog, and they can be found under the Transfer Sales button. Copy Sales to Clipboard: copies the currently selected sale(s) to the computer’s clipboard which then can be pasted into ClickForms or another sales folder. Paste Sale: pastes the sale(s) that is on the computer’s clipboard into the current […]

Delete Sales

You can delete sales in DataLog by highlighting the desired sale(s), and clicking on the delete sale button above the sales grid.  You can also use the right-click menu on the sale to delete sale(s). Once you click delete sales, you will see a confirmation dialog box asking if you want to delete the selected sale. […]