Enterprise Information

The following table shows the required version for the Enterprise SQL Server Database for each client version.

The SQL Server is always backward compatible with AgWare Client software.  That allows the server to be updated before users run the Client install.  However, if a client is updated before the server users will not be able to search the database for sales or post new sales until the server is updated to the required version.

If you are an IT Administrator and need the scripts to update your server, please e-mail support@uaar.net to request the download link and update instructions.

Required Versions

DataLog ClientClickForms ClientSQL Server Schema
5.5.0Required: SQL Server 2014 or newer
5.0.3Required: 3.3.2
Recommended: 3.3.3
4.3.2Required: 3.2.22
Recommended: 3.2.28

Change Log for Database Scripts

Script VersionFrom Maven VersionDescription
5.1.5023.1.41Altered SaleApn foreign keys
  • Added Rank, APN, Assessed Value to appraisal tables
  • Added Approach, Component, and Sales Comparison tables
5.1.10Moved database configuration to base classes
5.1.00Removed Regression Term table
4.0.8622.4.37General updates
4.0.8522.4.35Added columns to Appraisal Comparison tables
4.0.84Created Secondary Appraisal, Deeded, and NonDeeded tables
4.0.83Created ModelImprovement and ModelLand tables
4.0.8222.3.33Update indexes in SaleApn table
4.0.81Removed change tracking trigger from, and added Assessment columns to, AppraisalAVM
4.0.80Created AssessmentValueRule table
4.0.79Created QualityType table with references in SaleImprovement and AppraisalImprovement
4.0.7822.1.28Added NumericValue to SaleAttribute and created index
4.0.77Added CoefficientOfDispersion, Spread, Q1, Q3, and Weighted columns to ModelEvaluationResult
4.0.76Removed change tracking triggers from, and altered, AppraisalSaleComparison
4.0.75Added Adjustment columns to ValuationModel and AppraisalImprovementComparison
4.0.74Added BoundaryLines columns to ValuationModel table
4.0.7321.2.21Added Range columns, indexes, and foreign keys to Appraisal tables
4.0.72Created TimeAdjustment tables
4.0.71Added foreign key to AppraisalId
4.0.70Changed SaleMapView to SaleMap
4.0.69Removed change tracking triggers from, and added index and foriegn key to, AppraisalImprovement
4.0.6821.1.15Removed unique constraint from IsMainImage column in SaleAttachment table.
  • Removed 2000 character limit from EnvironmentalConcernsDefault, AppraiserCommentsDefault columns in AppraisalFieldSet table.
  • Removed 2000 character limit from EnvironmentalConcerns, AppraiserComments columns in Appraisal table.
4.0.66ChangedRequiredValue column in ClickFormsRuleSetFieldItem table from int to varchar.
4.0.65Added OtherContributionTypeFR column to OtherContributionType table.
  • Added UserForSale, UseForSubject columns to <
  • Added ClickFormsCheckClass table.
  • Added ClickFormsFieldReferenceClass table.
  • Added ClickFormsRuleSet table.
  • Added RatingType table.
  • Added SecondaryAttributeValue table.
  • Added ClickFormsRuleSetCheck table.
  • Added ClickFormsRuleSetFieldItem table.
  • Added SaleRating table.
  • Added ValuationModelReportTempate table.
  • Added ReportTemplate column to AppraisalAVM table.
  • Removed AppraiserTemplate and EvaluatorTemplate columns from ValuationModel table.
  • UpdatedFileContents column in SaleAttachment table from text to varchar(max).
  • Added unique index to OtherContributionTypeName column in OtherContributionType table.
4.0.61Added DefaultValue, StartNewLine, and Width columns to CustomFieldSetFieldType table.
4.0.60Added ModelEvaluationResult table.
  • Added AppraisalFilesRevision table.
  • Added RevisionNumber column to AppraisalBase table.
  • Updated length of Township, Section, and Range fields in the Appraisal table from 10 to 50 characters.
  • Added LandValueDefault table.
4.0.57Added IsDwelling column to SaleImprovement table.
4.0.56Added Subject Index Padding to SystemConfiguration table.
4.0.55Added Subject Index configuration to SystemConfiguration table.
4.0.54Added LandAdjustmentMethod to ValuationModel table.
4.0.53Added “Requires Revaluation” as an AppraisalStatusClass.
4.0.52Added WipEntity table.
4.0.51Made User SID nullable to handle Azure AD accounts added in 40050.
4.0.50Added support for Azure AD accounts to the InternalUser table
4.0.4919.09.26Add field MaxComparisonAgeMonths to ValuationModel
  • Add CanEnterOtherContributions to UserProfile
  • Add OtherContributionType table
  • Add OtherContributionX fields to the Appraisal table
4.0.47Add new table RatingMatrix, RatingMatrixItem, and RatingMatrixScore
4.0.46Add new weight fields to SaleMatchRule (AddressWeight, CityWeight, TaxIdRecordingWeight, TotalThresholdEx)
4.0.45Add OriginalAllocatedDollarPerAcre and OverrideReason to table AppraisalLand
  • Add UseRatioValues to ValuationModel
  • Add new table AppraisalLandSalesComparison
  • Create New Maven Security Roles for the API:
  • UAAR_MavenApi
  • UAAR_MavenApiWrite
  • Add AttributeTypeId to ValueationModelSubjectCriteria and ValueationModelSubjectCriteria tables
  • Rename SalesComparisonModelComparisonValue to ScaModelComparisonValue (two different migrations, same version number)
4.0.41Add ER Foreign Key constraints
4.0.4019.06.12Add New ER Land Type and ER Factor fields
4.0.39Add support for a Valuation Request
4.0.3819.0 4.10
  • Add French fields to response tables
  • Update stored procedures to support posting sales containing French values
4.0.37Add fields to support overriding Improvement values in Maven
4.0.36Add “Plat” as an Attachment Type
4.0.35Add FinalValueRounding
4.0.34Added Sale Criteria independent from Subject Criteria
4.0.3319.01.16Add new setup tables for Improvement Attributes
4.0.31Add new SCA Model feature to “Auto Select Sales”
  • Mapped NonRealtyAllocation into the appraisal tables when posting.
  • Mapped Fee from Appraisal Tracking Form to the Appraiser Table.
4.0.4 – 4.0.29Maven Development
4.0.3Fix AppraisalContextJoin rows that prevented improvement data from being properly posted.
4.0.1 – 4.0.2First Maven scripts. Adds new database roles, tables, and views.
3.3.3Changed how Appraisals are uploaded to increase performance.
3.3.2Change how attachments are downloaded to increase performance
3.3.1Update PostRecord stored procedure to work better with FireDac
3.2.28Fix bug that caused the sizes of un-downloaded attachments to be incorrect.
3.2.27Add a stored procedure for adding attachments to existing sales
3.2.26Fix bugs affecting posting appraisals when fields were too long
3.2.25Add support for “Analyse Income” report.
3.2.24Fix bug in GetSaleXML
3.2.23Add additional field to the Appraisal tables.
3.2.22Added new tables for Saved Comments that will be pushed out to ClickForms.
3.2.21Added anew KMLPresent field for use in the Sales Grid.
3.2.20Changed Datatype used for KML field in FlatSale
3.2.19Added a new KML field to the SaleMap table for storing property boundaries.
  • This script is not required for a DataLog client update.
  • Removes (if present) duplicate MapPoints for sales that can cause a sale to appear twice in search results.
  • Adds an unique table constraint to prevent future duplicate MapPoints for a single sale.
  • This script is not required for a DataLog client update.
  • Speeds up the loading of list choices on the Enterprise search screens by removing unneeded table joins from the access views in the database.
  • This script is not required for a DataLog client update.
  • Fixes a bug in the mapping of ClickFORMS Appraisal data. Township data was being put into the Highest and Best Improved field and zip code data was placed in the section field.
3.2.15Updates the Post procedure to correctly handle unicode strings from DataLog
  • Changes for the Permanent Planting Tables
  • Add Columns YearPlanted, PlantingAcres, RcnAcres, DepreciationDollarTotal, DepreciationDollarPerYear, DepreciationPhysicalPercentTotal, DepreciationPhysicalPercentPerYear, and DepreciationOtherPercentTotal to the SalePermP table
  • Add New Column IncomePrice to the SaleIncomeTotals Table
3.2.13Alter view FlatSale to include the SaleMap.SalePoint geography column as SalePoint
3.2.12Add the Post date of the sale to the data returned by an enterprise search. The user can add this data to the grid using the “File Modify Data” column.
  • Add the Long/Lat fields to table FieldReferenceClassEx
  • Update table FieldReferenceClassEx setting the DataSize to 2 for the State attribute of the GrantorDetails and GranteeDetails nodes
  • Update the Response Fingerprint row in table SystemConfiguration because of the changes to table FieldReferenceClassEx
  • Create the FTSearchCatalog fulltext catalog
  • Create a fulltext index on the CommentText column in the SaleComment table
  • Create function GetFTSearchSaleIds
  • Add Timber to table LandQualityClass
  • Update the Response Fingerprint row in table SystemConfiguration because of the changes to table LandQualityClass
  • Add the missing SaleIncomeTotals fields to table FieldReferenceClassEx
  • Update table FieldReferenceClassEx setting the NodeName to SaleIncomeTotals for the SourceIsActual field
  • Add Timber to table LandUseClass
  • Add YieldRate column to SaleIncomeTotals tables and update stored procedures
  • Update the Response Fingerprint row
  • Alter procedure WriteRecord to rollback the transaction if an error occurs
  • Alter procedure PostRecord to remove unnecessary rollback
  • Alter view FlatSale to include the SaleLandTotals.TotalDeededDollarPerAcre field
  • Make the PersonAddress.StateId column nullable
  • Alter view FlatSale to include Mail Merge fields
  • Create the new Permanent Planting tables (SalePermP) Existing Improvement Data is converted.
  • Alter view FlatSale to include the SalePermPTotals table
  • Delete existing Improvement based Permanent Planting tables and fields
  • Grant execute permission for stored procedure WriteAppraisalFiles to the UAAR_User role
  • Change the Depreciation Percentage columns data type from int to money in SaleImprovement
  • Create the new Financing Details tables
  • Create the new PersonAddress tables
  • Create the SaleMap table
  • Update table FieldReferenceClassEx setting the DataVersion to 4 for all new SalePermP, FinancingDetails, and PersonAddress fields
  • Update the Response Fingerprint row
  • Drop all the response X tables trigger to update the Response Fingerprint row in table SystemConfiguration
  • Create procedure UpdateResponseFingerprint
  • Add table SecondaryPropertyType
  • Add table SecondaryLandUse
  • Add View SaleAllPropertyTypesView
  • Add View SaleAllLandUsesView
  • Revoke execute on DeleteSale to UAAR_User
  • Add the Post Appraisal CLK Files row to table SystemConfiguration
  • Rename table AppraisalPDF to AppraisalFiles
  • Add new CLK columns to table AppraisalFiles
  • Drop procedure WriteAppraisalXMLHolder
  • Create procedure WriteAppraisalFilesHolder
  • Create procedure WriteAppraisalXML
  • Alter procedure PostAppraisal
  • Alter procedure WriteAppraisalFiles
  • Alter procedure DeleteAppraisal
  • Add column UnitTypeName to table RangeImprovement
  • Add table SaleAllocation
  • Create the new Permanent Planting Type tables
  • Add table ImprovementPermP
  • Add table PermPSubVariety
  • Add the Permanent Planting row to the ImprovementKindClass table
  • Set the PrintOrder to -1 for rows with a ChildNodeName in the FieldReferenceClassEx table
  • Add Permanent Planting fields to table FieldReferenceClassEx
  • Alter procedure GetSaleXML for the new Permanent Planting tables
  • Add View ImprovementPermPAllVarietiesAccessView
  • Create procedure FindRangeEntryKeys
  • Add Improvement TotalLife fields to table FieldReferenceClassEx
  • Update the Response Fingerprint row