AgWare UAAR – Appraisal Software

Data Management and Report Generation

AgWare provides rural appraisers a complete software suite consisting of two integrated applications: DataLog and ClickForms.

DataLog is a comparable sales database that gives you complete control over your sales records. With DataLog, you can

  • Set enterprise rules and requirements for data entry
  • Configure land mix, income, and improvement ratios, types, and templates
  • Transfer sales directly into ClickForms appraisal reports
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Use AgWare software to appraise land, improvements, site features, resources, production, and more.

ClickForms is the appraisal report generator that uses our UAAR® (Uniform Agricultural Appraisal Report) and UCRR® (Uniform Country Residential Report) report styles. Created by leading rural appraisers, it contains essential features, such as

  • Data import tools
  • Appraisal layout and page formatting
  • Photo and signature tools
  • Up-to-date legal notations
  • Analytic tools
  • Spell check, dictionary, and thesaurus tools
  • Font, paragraph, cell, and table formatting
  • Exhibit creation, labeling, and annotation
  • AgWare help and support links and documentation
DataLog sales sheets and ClickForms word processing templates are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Feature Overview

With DataLog and ClickForms, you no longer need ad hoc solutions for information management and appraisal composition.

Compare sales
Organize, manage, and analyze comparable sales.
Perform appraisal calculations and create trend reports.
Sales map
Create composite sales maps with geolocations and boundary lines.
Attach documents
Attach and embed documents and maps.
Attach images
Attach images and customize subject photo pages.
Share files
Share and update files across your enterprise network.
Report format
Write appraisals with word processing tools and over 300 templates.
Create and share high-quality PDF documents.

Customer Support

AgWare prides itself in providing exceptional phone, chat, and email support on demand. We don’t use third-party support teams. When you call us, an in-house software expert helps you resolve your issues.

Our agents are familiar with AgWare software and enterprise configurations. If needed, we may also perform database maintenance for you as part of our annual maintenance services.

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