Why Buy AgWare?

AgWare’s concept was to create a user friendly and efficient rural appraisal program. We embrace technology and change by providing appraisers outstanding flexibility and time savings in a simple software package! Our USPAP-compliant program is endorsed by ASFMRA.


  • Appraisers have total control of the appraisal methodology that is delivered to their clients by creating reports that satisfy their specific needs.
  • A ClickForms report can be expanded to over 500 pages or tailored to Restricted Use formats with only a few pages.
  • Add pages at any time; values already entered will automatically populate.
  • The comparable sales stored in DataLog can be analyzed,¬†transferred into appraisal reports, and deleted or saved at the appraiser’s discretion.

Time Savings

  • Data transfer is standardized throughout the forms; this eliminates the duplication of data entry.
  • The ability to scan pictures, maps, and exhibits directly into the report container will reduce time and costs.
  • DataLog sales can be shared with other AgWare users and integrated into Microsoft applications.
  • ClickForms appraisal reports can be saved in PDF format in order to send them to other users or clients who may not have the AgWare program.
  • The reports prepared by the appraiser can be saved to a template for future use.

AgWare was designed for you! Improve your turnaround time without sacrificing value.