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DataLog Release 5.6.3

Version: AgWare DataLog 5.6.3 Release Date:June 23, 2020 Download Link: Download Now Added Map Right intergration. More information about Map Right integration can be found at https://www.uaar.net/help/map-right-integration .

Map Right Integration

To be able to import data from Map Right, you must first have a map right account. To enable Map Right support, first navigate to the configuration screen. There you will find a MapRight tab, and you will need to fill in the username for map right, which is typically the email, then check the […]

Maven Release 2020.06.15

Version: AgWare Maven 2020.06.15 Release Date:June 15, 2020 Download Link: Download Now Opinion of Value now strikes out when editing an Other Contribution. Saving the Valuation now updates the Opinion of Value with the new value with Other Contributions included. Manually entered Sale Comparisons for Component Valuations no longer cause the page to error when reloading. […]