AgWare Pricing

License TypeNewAnnual Support and Maintenance Renewal
Standard (includes support)$895$575
      ASFMRA Member$745
Small Business$1,400$750
      ASFMRA Member$1,250
Enterprise Site * (Priced Per Appraiser,includes 10 support licenses)$3,000$1050
Enterprise – Named User (Priced Per Named User)$2,000
Enterprise Activation Fee$5,000
* Price does not include Microsoft SQL Server Licenses.  Use of the Microsoft SQL Server Express edition is supported.

License Types Explained

Standard:  used mostly by independent fee appraisers or small businesses that do not have a network share.  The sales are stored locally on the PC.  DataLog has a direct integration with Dropbox to share sales between computers/appraisers, if needed.  The standard license is available on a one year subscription basis. If the software license is not renewed, DataLog will not allow new sales to be entered. The remainder of the software will function without any restrictions so you can still see all of your sales and reports.

Small Business:  provides a solution for those who need to share sales between users, but who do not need the power and features of the Enterprise license. A network drive is used to store shared sales instead of a SQL Server. This will provide basic functionality to share sales among a group of appraisers without any of the more sophisticated controls available in the Enterprise edition.

Enterprise:  used mostly by large corporations.  At the heart of the enterprise system is Microsoft SQL server. SQL Server provides a secure central location to share and report on sales data.  The enterprise edition gives companies structure to sale write-ups by enforcing company defined rule sets and approved responses.  Various database roles and access groups are configured to control users’ access to data.

DataLog Feature Matrix

FeatureStandardSmall BusinessEnterprise
Local sale filesXXX
Land and Improvement Reports on Local SalesXXX
Sale MappingXXX
Custom Sale Template DesignerXXX
Store AttachmentsXXX
Move Sales to ClickFormsXXX
Email Individual SalesXXX
Import Subject as a SaleXXX
Convert Excel File into SalesXXX
DataLog Lookup Function in ExcelXXX
Save Cell ResponsesXXX
Save Land ListsXXX
Subscription LicenseX
Shared Sales via Network ShareXX
Land and Improvement Reports on Shared SalesXX
Search Shared SalesXX
Shared Cell ResponsesX
Manage Shared Cell ResponsesX
Duplicate Sale ChecksX
Validate Sale Against Company Defined Rule SetX
Limit Access to Sales with Database Roles and Access GroupsX
Track Sale HistoryX
Enforce Unique IndexX
Third Party Reporting Tools PossibleX