AgWare Maven is a new product from AgWare. Maven is an optional add-on product for Enterprise customers. Maven is designed as a modern reporting tool for the AgWare enterprise database. The goal is to reduce the time and cost of generating appraisals or evaluations. The software is designed to leave controls of the system in the hands of your staff. The system generates MAV Reports or Model Assisted Valuations. A model generated by your staff will assist the appraiser in selecting and applying sales to a subject property. The result can be used in a fully automated manner, or the valuer can adjust the output to account for unique subject properties.

While traditional appraisals will continue to be the gold standard, we cannot ignore changes in our industry. We believe continued pressure on lending institutions to reduce cost and time for appraisals makes moving this direction unavoidable.  Other automated products are available for residential, commercial, and most recently agricultural property.  Over time these products will see more use and acceptance. We believe appraisal departments will need to evaluate alternate products for some portion of valuation requests. This will not work in all markets or for all property types. In cases where it does work, and is needed, AgWare has Maven for you to consider.

Appraisers will continue to have an important role in this product. Sales verification and consistent sale analysis are critical to producing usable results from Maven. We believe that using your internal verified, analyzed, and allocated sales gives us the best starting point to produce reliable output.

Our goal with the software is to give you as much control over the process as possible.  This is not a public product, but rather software that is run internally and configured to meet your needs.  The software is browser-based and will provide APIs for additional integration.

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