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Excel Lookup Generator


Excel Lookup Generator is a tool to quickly get the formula to pull data from DataLog and insert it into Excel.

To use this function Click on Edit→Manage Add-Ins.

The Excel Add-In will need to be enabled.

Click Launch Lookup Helper.

This will open the Exel lookup tool.

  1. This is the reference cell for the sale.
  2. You can filter by field name.
  3. We have highlighted Grantor.
  4. The formula is displayed here.
  5. Clicking this copies the formula to clipboard.

In Excel, right-click in the cell you want to populate and select paste. You can also use Ctrl+v to paste.

This will enter the formula

After pressing enter the data will pull in if sale reference cell has a valid database or index number..

The sale reference cell brings the sale in using the “d”atabase or “i”ndex numbers.

If the database number is 377 and the index is cs.1502, simply enter d377 or ics.1502.


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