Software Links for FSA Contract AG-3151-S-09-0020

The install instructions are available to ITS as provided during the IO lab testing and certification IAW the following RFCs: 12921, 12922, 12877, 12919 and 13426. These links and instructions are intended to summarize those instructions to aid in the rollout of the software to FSA appraisers.


The AgWare software has two installs that must be run; one for UAAR DataLog and one for UAAR ClickForms.

Current Tested Versions can be installed by FSA Users

The above versions are outdated. The current versions are:

These are standard MSI based installs. No specific actions other than running the installs are needed. You will get a message from the AgWare DataLog installer indication that the SQL Native Client is being installed. This is normal and expected during the initial install.

The Unlock codes for AgWare ClickForms are specific to each appraiser’s name. If a name change is needed, contact AgWare at (605) 787-7871 with the updated User ID to obtain a correlating Unlock Number.

There is one common unlock code for AgWare DataLog. Please use the following:

  • User Code: FSA
  • Unlock Code: 2242-JDFQ-3HM3

Online help files can be found at

AgWare can convert your existing Appraisal Studio Database. Please upload your database if you would like it converted.


Bradford ClickFORMS software and Apex Sketching each have their own installs that can be downloaded here:

Current Tested Versions: can be installed by FSA Users:

Users who need the survey module in Apex should continue to use the prior Apex version: Apex Medina Appraiser Standard Version 5.

These are standard Windows installs that need to be run. No specific actions other than running the installs are needed.

Bradford ClickFORMS uses an online registration process. Accounts have been created for all of the appraisers. After they enter their personal information the software will connect to the internet and find their account and validate their specific customer id and serial number codes.

Online help files for Bradford ClickFORMS can be found at

After the install you may not have access to the default Bradford templates. If you wish you can download a zip file with the templates and extract them to your “My ClickFORMS\Templates” directory.

Online help for Apex Software can be found at

Technical Support Information

Per the contract:

(b) The contractor shall provide second-level technical support and assistance to FSA’s National Help Desk, in resolving reported problems in the Appraisal Software operation. The contractor will receive technical support calls from a maximum of 15 FSA National Help Desk employees only. The contractor shall provide a toll free number for this on-line technical support. The technical support shall be available telephonically between the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST); Monday – Friday excluding Federal holidays. The contractor shall answer technical support questions immediately. However, when telephone traffic volume at the contractor location does not allow an immediate response, the contractor shall initiate a return call within one (1) hour after notification from FSA’s National Help Desk.

Phone numbers for the FSA National Help Desk:

  • AgWare: (605) 787-7871
  • Apex: (800) 858-9958
  • Bradford Technologies Tech Support: (800) 622-8727 (for account questions, please ask directly for Brian Lounsberry or send an email to