ClickForms Release 9.2.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 9.2.2
Release Date: July 16, 2019
Download Link: Download Now


  • Added new Forms FCC Cost Approach and FCC Extra Buildings
  • Added “Linked” forms so a form can be in more than one Forms Library Location
  • Removed the Forms count from the Forms Library panel
  • Translated UCAF Income approach to French
  • Linked UCAF Income form to the Canada folder.

Maven Release 19.08.15

Version: AgWare Maven 19.08.15
Release Date: 
August 19, 2019
Download Link: 
Download Now


  • Added Commodity input to Subject Details view.
  • Added filter for loading County and Attribute lookup values.
  • Updated County comparison to use Rating Matrix.
  • Updated Rating Matrix table style. Added separate links to Items/Ratings.
  • Added controls to load Matrix Items from a Lookup type.
  • Added RatingMatrix to ComparisonValue calculations.
  • Added RatingMatrix Selection to ComparisonValue grid.
  • Added RatingMatrix classes to Model.
  • Changed LandContribution to pull from SaleLandTotals table.
  • Added SaleLandNonDeeded to Component valuation. Updated SaleInfo ViewComponent.
  • Skip improvement override if no improvements present.
  • Added migration for new AppraisalLand override fields.
  • Added Improvement valuation to ScaLandMix.
  • Updated Evaluation results maps to include all Sale Comparisons.
  • Added join table for AppraisalLand and AppraisalSaleComparison.
  • Updated Land Mix valuator to treat ratios as 100 if all are 0.
  • Reject Subjects with 0 or null EffectiveUnitSize.
  • Added Valuator for SCA Component models. Created base class. WIP.
  • Created base class for SalesComparison model types. Added ScaComponentModel.
  • Extend FindDuplicateSales to consider City, Address, TaxIdRecording.
  • Made manual SCA models unavailable to uers without override permission.
  • Added the Maven Logo to Maven.Admin so that it matches ChattelWeb.admin
  • Added Category field to SubjectDetails.


  • Handle bad attachment data when creating thumbnails.
  • The admin tool will now only show instances of Maven running, not chattel.

Maven Release 19.06.12

All executables are now 64 bit.

  1. When searching for subjects add Deeded Acres, State Name, County Name, Land Use, and Property Type.
  2. Added the ability for Business Admins to delete completed Appraisals
  3. Added missing fields to the workfile
  4. When searching for sales show additional fields (Grantor/Grantee)
  5. Allow manual sales to be used, even if they don’t have a Sale Date.
  6. Fixed Log viewer to use json configured path instead of hardcoded default path.
  7. Add Post Date/Signed Date to the Valuations Grid
  8. Added Improvements grid on the finalized valuation page
  9. Allow Comments, Legal Description, and Attachment to be edited directly on the Valuation screen.
  10. Allow Weighted Average to handle a 0 rating
  11. Don’t show the improvement override screen if the subject does not have improvements
  12. When copying a model set the new copy to “Started”

Reporting Changes

  1. Split the report generator into a standalone exe
  2. When building the workfile, merge in any PDFs, do not convert to images.
  3. Report generation will use it’s own log files.


  1. Added the ability to create a appraisal “Request”
  2. The API can create the request, or it can be created from the valuation page
  3. When a report is saved the request ID is passed back with the webhook notification


  1. Add version 1 of the API
  2. Added webhooks for completed appraisals
  3. Added new Database Roles

Required Database Version: 40043

AgWare DataLog 5.4.1

Version: AgWare DataLog 5.4.0
Release Date: 
May 13, 2019
Download Link: 
Download Now


  • Added the ability to setup a “Improvement Attribute List” that can be pulled into the expanded improvement page.
  • Added the ability to delete Enterprise Rulesets.
  • Added new setting in Config Editor to choose Country and Language.
  • Added support for French Spell Check
  • Added  prompt the user to Drop and Rebuild the cache when the Cache version is incorrect.
  • Added a new “Reparse” feature.
  • Added an ER Land Type and ER Factor fields to the DataLog.


  • Fixed bug where we tried to update the Server if AllowClickFormsEnterpriseUse flag was not set.
  • Fixed a bug where Improvement Types were not correctly loaded when the Improvement Attribute List did not exist on the client computer.
  • Fixed a bug when converting 2005 Access DataLog files. Comments were being lost in the conversion.
  • Updated the Sale Count report to ignore subject records.
  • Updated Date range on Sale count report to be inclusive of start and end dates.
  • Fixed issue pasting a lat/long that was cut from Google Earth and either includes degrees. minutes or seconds symbols (without a space) does not convert to a valid lat/long value.
  • Fixed issue after dropping a pin  on the map and deleting one of the coordinates, a bug report pops.
  • Fixed issue when a valid address is provided, a pin did not automatically drop.

ClickForms 9.1.10

Version: AgWare ClickForms 9.1.10
Release Date: May 10, 2019
Download Link: Download Now


  • Added ability to filter/search the comments by Title or Text.
  • Added the ability to create sub-folders in the Saved Comments Dialog. This is done by including the folder name and a forward slash (/) in the name.
  • Added new “Improved Sale Sheet” option that includes the first improvements expanded details. If if it is not a house.
  • Added a new “Get File Number” button to the Enterprise Tab of ClickForms and the Post Appraisal popup form.
  • Added forms to support Farm Credit Canada.
  • Added the ability to switch languages between English and French.
  • Added French spell check.
  • Responses pulled from DataLog will now use the language based on the document language.
  • Updated several UCAF labels in-place to make things clearer and avoided confusion with USPAP.
  • Changed the Weighted Age in the UCAF improvement import dialog to use a weighting value of Total RCN instead of contributory value.


  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when trying to save a response on a cell. Happened when it was the very first response to be saved.
  • Fixed issue in a comment block, double-clicking a word in parenthesis highlights the open parenthesis but not the closed one.
  • Updated the footer UAAR copyright to reflect 2019.
  • Fixed issue certain text labels are present on a form to act as a hint for the appraiser but shouldn’t really be printed.
  • Fixed issue when clicking save as a response in the company header, a bug report pops if this is the very first cell and the page responses count is zero (if there are no responses for that page).
  • Fixed PDFs uploaded from Posting Appraisals.
  • Fixed issue if sales are dragged from an Enterprise search into a report, Expanded callouts in the Sales Map display all the same info.
  • Fixed issue when trying to set a Custom Color for map labels the colors default to transparent.
  • Fixed math not working for the new Appraisal Tracking Page.