July 2011 Newsletter

Last week we sent out an e-mail announcing a new version of AgWare ClickFORMS. Shortly after that e-mail we found and fixed two issues and updated the current version to 7.0.9.
We try to not have releases so close together. In this case we felt the changes were important enough for a new release.

There were three items changed between these versions.

1) 7.0.8 introduced a bug that would allow our new Word Processor pages to be separated in a report. If the pages are moved out of order the word processor comments can be lost (i.e. an overflow page two is moved before page one).
2) We had reports of the word processor text printing too large. This has been fixed so that the text will print out in a size consistent with the rest of the report. You can still change the font size as needed. Previously if the font size was set the same in a Word Processor pages as the rest of the report the Word Processor page would print larger.
This change required us to change how existing Word Processor pages will print. After updating to 7.0.9 any word processor pages in existing reports will print out smaller than before. The page breaks will still be in the same locations so the page numbers in the report will not change. Just the text itself will be smaller and will wrap before the right edge. In new reports the text will use the full width of the page.
3) The Word Processor page did not wrap correctly if Windows was set to use large fonts. This only affected users that had changed their windows settings to use larger than normal fonts.
We updated the download site on Friday. If you downloaded then you already have the current version. You can verify this by clicking on the “Help” tab in AgWare ClickFORMS and then the “About AgWare ClickFORMS” button. That will show you your current version number.
If you upgraded to version 7.0.8 while it was available we suggest that you download and install version 7.0.9.

ClickForms 6.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 6.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: October 27, 2010

  • Update PDF Generator Controls to new version.
  • Allow Sales to be Edited in ClickFORMS without needing to go back into the DataLog.
  • When importing sales data the font can be adjusted to small. Fixed so that a re-import of a sale into an existing form will reset the font back to the default size.
  • ClickFORMS UAAR+Res Form – The Net and Gross text labels are transposed.
  • The digital signature should be available for the Irrigation and Drainage Statement.
  • Need to rename “UAAR Cover Page With Photo #1” to “Generic Cover Page With Photo #1”
  • Basic Sale page does not import comments.
  • Certification forms have a typo in line 3 that reads “or” rather than “of.”
  • Typo in ISVC Redbook needs to be corrected: In subtitle drop the C from IVSC.

ClickForms 6.1

Version: AgWare ClickForms 6.1 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 04, 2010

  • There are two new forms available in this update; the FSA Form 851 – Environmental Risk (6pgs) form and the Basic Sale form.
    • This form includes the Property Facts section and a large block for comments.
  • Table of Contents Notification
    • A “warning” message will appear when printing or creating a pdf if the table of contents is too short. In other words, if there are more pages in the report than the current table of contents accommodates, the window seen below will open:
    • There may be occasions when the user doesn’t want additional table of contents pages; just click OK. The user can either ignore the situation and continue, or add another table of contents page.
  • Automatic Imported Text Resizing
    • ClickFORMS will now automatically reduce the size of text of data in imported sales. There is a limit. The software will attempt to fit “raw” data into a cell; font size 2 is as low as it goes.
  • Progress Message
    • Users will now see a progress bar/message box flash on screen when importing sales.
  • Auto Number Imported Sales
    • Instead of having to number sales manually one at a time, a new feature allows automatic numbering of all the sales with ONE click!
    • Once all the comparable sales are imported and arranged in the desired order in the forms manager, click on the DataLog menu option and choose Auto Number Sales.
    • If the sales are rearranged in the report later, they will retain their numbers. They can be renumbered again, however, if the approach pages have already been loaded with sale data, the sale numbers will not match. The approach pages should be stripped and repopulated, or deleted and replaced.
    • It is important to select the sale’s entire range of pages as a group when moving/dragging a sale in the forms manager, otherwise, not all the pages belonging to a particular sale will remain grouped together.
  • Import Sale Photo Page
    • When a DataLog sale that has attached photo pages is imported into ClickFORMS, the photo pages will automatically move with the sale into the report.
    • The photo pages are a new feature for DataLog-check out the release notes for more information about them.

DataLog 2.1

Version: AgWare DataLog 2.1  – Release Notes
Release Date: April 30, 2010

    • When you open the DataLog it will automatically show the folder (and sale) that was last accessed/selected. In addition, any changes that were made to the window settings will be retained. If you resize the sections of the DataLog by dragging the section dividers, DataLog will remember the new settings; the next time you open it, it will be just as you left it.
    • The sale editor in DataLog now has collapsible sections. Navigating the sections of the sale sheet is now much easier. When an existing sale is opened, the software will automatically “expand” a section that contains data. When a new sale is opened, several sections, thought they are empty, will be open by default.
    • This feature has been one of the most requested by the greatest number of users. A new section has been added to the sale sheet to allow importing of photo/exhibit pages to a report.
    • To see the new section, open a sale in the Sale Editor. The Photo Pages section is found between the Comments and Attachments sections. Here is a screen shot of it:
    • There are five options, including: Exhibit Page, 1 or 2 med photo pages, and 3 or 6 small photo pages.
    • Choose the kind of page desired, and after entering data and loading the photo/s, click on the Add button in the upper right corner of the section. The page has been added.
    • Note: All files that are attached to the sale will appear in the select image window; however, ONLY image file types such as jpg can be selected for the photo pages.
    • Photo pages can be edited, deleted, etc., at any time. Multiple photos pages will paste into ClickForms in the same order as displayed here. To change the tab order use the directional arrows seen in the example above.
Enterprise Specific
  • The list of Search By options presented for a given category will reflect only those criteria for which the user can obtain a search result. The all-inclusive lists have been eliminated.
  • The Land Mix search now includes both deeded and non-deeded criteria. The user can input the minimum/maximum acres or unit size as desired.

DataLog 2.0.15

Version: AgWare DataLog 2.0.15 – Release Notes
Release Date: March 02, 2010

  • The top section of the sale sheet has been adjusted to remove un-needed fields and add new fields that had been commonly requested. See the graphic below.
  • A new ability to expand improvements allows entry of full improvement details.
  • There are three UAAR Sale Sheets: Short, Long with 10 improvements, and Long with 20 improvements.
  • Correct form location when expanding and improvement