ClickForms 7.2.11

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.2.11 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 03, 2013
Download Link: Download Now

  • The spell checker could end up replacing portions of words if changes were made to a cell being checked in an area that was already spell checked.  Spell checking on the cell will now continue from the correct location.
  • The spell checker on Word Processor pages would check the text multiple times, equal to the number of linked pages.  The word processor pages will now only be checked once.
  • Fixed an error when editing a sale in ClickFORMS that contained an image attachment in the PNG format.
  • Corrected missing lines on the FCS Reconciliation EX form.
  • Corrected misspelling on the Report Summary ‘04 form.
  • Updated the PDF import component.
  • Auto and Manual Numbering Sales will number incorrectly if the Sale Index for the sales are the same.
  • Change form “UAAR Sales Comp – Split Time Adj” to calculate the Time Adj value assuming zero for a blank Period or Rate.
  • Tool-tips in Photo Sheet can cause Errors on invalid images.  Tool-tips are no longer displayed.
  • Don’t error if the Quick Access Toolbar settings cannot be saved.


DataLog 3.2.2

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.2.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: May 03, 2013


  • Mapping
    • AgWare is excited to release our initial mapping support.  When editing a sale you will see a new “Mapping” section.  This will allow you to set a Latitude and Longitude directly or click on the “Load Map” button to drop a marker onto a Google Map.
    • The Map can be copied to the Clipboard or printed from the edit window.  Under Reports there is also a new option to Map the sales currently visible in the Sales Grid.
    • There are more features on the way.  Our next few releases will keep adding more options to our mapping integration.
  • Permanent Plantings
    • AgWare now has support for Permanent Plantings in the DataLog.  A new table below the Land table is used to enter Permanent Planting data.  The allocation in this section is a Land/Planting combination.  The acres entered here should not be entered into the Land table or in the improvement table.  The combined value is put here and then allocated into the land and planting components.
    • This release includes support for the Permanent Planting Table solely in the DataLog.  Work is  underway to add approach-specific pages for Permanent Plantings in ClickFORMS.
  • Expanded Fields
    • The Grantor, Grantee, and Financing fields can now be expanded to track additional information.  This information is for tracking purposes only.  It will be available in the DataLog but will not be visible in ClickFORMS.
      • Grantor/Grantee: Now have room for a full name and address.
      • Financing: Contains fields to track lender and loan details.
  • Added DataLog Cache ODBC Driver
    • A new menu option Edit –> Manage Add-ins has been added.  This will allow the user to enable or disable the Microsoft Excel Add-in as well as create an ODBC entry for the DataLog cache database.  Users can access the Cache Database to link the DataLog to other databases such as Arc GIS or to use Mail Merge functions with Microsoft Word.
  • Added Land $/Acre to the Sales Grid
  • Improvement Depreciation changed to support decimal places
  • Increased startup speed.
  • The mouse scroll wheel no longer changes the selected sale view template.
  • Improvement values are not importing into CF when copying a lookup Date Range.
  • Fixed indentation on photo captions in printout.
  • Added Region/Area/Zone to Permanent Planting printout.
  • Changed total labels on Permanent Planting printout to better reflect what they represent.

DataLog 3.1.5

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.1.5  – Release Notes
Release Date: May 02, 2013
Download Link: Download Now


AgWare DataLog version 3.1.5 fixes a single bug.  Some users received an error “Stack Overflow” when resizing the main AgWare DataLog screen when using the new “Default” sale view.  This release fixes that issue.

DataLog 3.1.4

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.1.4  – Release Notes
Release Date: February 19, 2013

  • Sale Views for “Show All”, “One Page” and “Two Page” show extra zeros on sales copied from an Enterprise DB.
    • This issue affects the display of the Land Mix Acres, Land Mix $/Acre, Income Yield, Income Share Percent, Expense Ratio, and Cap Rate.  The sale will look correct when it is first entered but once it is viewed or copied from the Enterprise Database the display will contain 4 decimal places of precision for the affected fields.   An example of the display/print error is included below.  All of the fields listed are incorrect on the old sale sheets.  That is views numbered 2, 3, and 4 in the drop down list.  The new Default sale sheet only has the issue in the Income section.  Users can use the Default view to work around the problem until they can upgrade to version 3.1.4.
  • Enterprise users can’t update sales that have improvements
    • When Enterprise users try to update a sale already posted to the database that contains improvements they may get a message that says Field Improvement Total Contribution is not a valid Integer. The value will appear to be a valid number but with 4 zeros on the end (x.0000).  As a workaround in version 3.1.3. users can override the value by locking and unlocking the Improvement Total Contribution field.  This will allow the sale to be posted.

ClickForms 7.2.10

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.2.10 – Release Notes
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Download Link: Download Now

  • Change form 1356 UAAR Sales Comp – Split Time Adj to calculate the Tme Adj value assuming zero for a blank Period or Rate
  • Don’t error if the QAT Toolbar ini file cannot be saved
  • Tooltips in Photo Sheet can cause Errors
  • Auto and Manual Numbering Sales will number incorrectly if the Sale Index for the sales are the same