October 2014 Newsletter

Annual Users Meeting
We want to thank all of you who were able to make our Annual User Meeting a great success. We had one of our largest groups, consisting of enterprise users, small business users, and standard users. We are grateful to get the perspective of each category of our user base. The three highest priority items from the meeting were:

  1. Internal Upgrades: From time to time all software needs to update internal tools.  In AgWare’s case we have our development tool we use to build ClickFORMS and DataLog, as well as some internal software we built to fill our own needs.  We are currently in the process of updating all of these to use current software.  Very little of this will result in immediate changes that you will see in the software.  Still, it is important for you to know that we are doing the work to make sure the AgWare software stays relevant and current with all of the changes to computers today. The last time we updated our tools was 2007.  It does not feel very long to us, but that was 7 years ago!  Windows Vista had just been released.  The IPad would not even exist for another 3 years.  Upgrading our tools will ensure we keep compatible with new versions of Microsoft Windows and Office and even gives us a few options for working with tablets.
    These internal upgrades will also create a better future for ClickForms and DataLog as we will be able to have more variety in our upgrades and enhancements.
  2. Mapping Future: We will continue to work on improving the mapping feature in DataLog and ClickFORMS.  The first two items we will be addressing are:
    Creating maps directly in ClickFORMS.  Once sales are imported into a ClickFORMS report we should be able to create a sales overview map directly in ClickFORMS.
    Tracking Property Boundaries.  Currently DataLog only allows you to track a single point for a property.  This needs to be enhanced to allow the property boundary to be drawn and saved.
  3. Tablets: We continue to see tablet use expanding.  To address this we are starting to work on a read only sales viewer for the IPad.  Our app will use a technology called Application Tethering to allow you to copy sales from your PC to the IPad where they can be viewed in the field.  While not a complete solution this will give us some experience in IPad development, deployment, and support.  A read only application will also give us the chance to get some feedback on how these devices are actually being used in the field.
    From talking to users the IPad seems to be the device used by the majority of users.  The tools we are using will also allow us to support Android.  However, at the current time we have no plans to release an Android version.  We are concerned that it will be too hard to support both platforms from the start.  Windows 8 Tablets (Pro not RT), can run the full version of DataLog and ClickFORMS and are currently supported.

Annual Meeting Updates and Discussion Items
The above link will take you to an overview of the items that were enhanced over this last maintenance period and all the items discussed at the Annual Meeting. If there are any questions please call us at 605.787.7871 or email us at [email protected]
Windows XP/Vista
Are you still using Windows XP or Vista?  If you are please e-mail us.  We will be keeping Windows XP support through the end of 2014.  However, we are considering dropping support for Windows XP and Vista starting in 2015.  We need to get an idea of how many old computers are still being used before we make that decision.  When we drop support for Windows XP it will apply to new releases only, we will continue to support old versions of the AgWare software on Windows XP.

Training Videos
To access the online training videos go to the AgWare website, www.uaar.net, click on help near the upper right hand corner of the page, then click user manual on the left hand side of the screen. This will take you to the online user manual for AgWare. You should see a menu item on the left side that says Video CataLog. Here you will find a list of all available tutorial videos we currently have. When you click on a video title, it will also display the video script below the video. AgWare is frequently adding and updating the videos offered, and always accepts and welcomes ideas for new videos.

Setting Preferences for Photo Cells
In ClickFORMS, users now have the ability to choose whether to auto frame photo and exhibit cells. To change this setting, click on the Eaglehead button, click preferences, and click operation. The last two items on this screen are check boxes to auto frame the photo and exhibit cells. This will only apply to new photo pages and exhibit forms added to ClickFORMS; it will not affect old reports, or forms already in your current report unless you replace the photo or exhibit in those cells.

ClickForms 7.3.9

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.3.9 – Release Notes
Release Date: July 21, 2014
Download Link: Download Now

  • The Condensed Summary Sales Comparison Approach page’s improvement size cells were not set true for the format number
  • Updated the Condensed Summary template with the updated Sales Comparison Approach form.
  • Bug fix for importing sale files with a URL encoded character in the file name.

DataLog 3.3.2

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.3.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 01, 2014
Download Link: Download Now

New/Updated Items
  • A new map sales view has been added to the sales viewer below the sales grid.
  • The ability to add custom markers to the map sales view as well as the map sales report.
  • A new option to display Bare Land $/Acre was added to the map callout feature.
  • Dragging the splitter bar between the grid and viewer sections in the main DataLog window no longer causes the “middle” section (with the buttons) to disappear.
  • The sale viewer retains the set location on the sale sheet while the user scrolls through sales in the grid. This feature is not new; it was broken with the previous release.
  • Updated the DCF Simple template with a purchase year of 2014.
  • The option for Set Yield Rate Cell in the Income Analysis DCF tab now matches the Yield Rate cell label.
  • The tab order in the Income-Expenses section of the sale sheet was reset to follow a top-to-bottom and left-right sequence for the paired columns.
Enterprise Specific Items
  • Double-clicking an attached PDF file will not affect the sale status.
  • If the first action on a posted sale, when editing that sale, is to download attachments, the status will now change to Modified. Prior to this fix the status remained as Posted even though changes were made to the sale.
  • A new map search criterion is now available. The first step is to choose the Map option from the Search By list. Then either Add a Marker or input the Latitude & Longitude. Last, set the Radius in miles and do the search.
  • After clicking the search button, the Search Results tab will display the sales found. If desired, range criteria can be included in the search. The marker can be repositioned with drag and drop.
  • If on-line with the Enterprise database, the version of the SQL database schema is displayed in the About Dialog Box.

DataLog 3.2.9

Version: AgWare DataLog 3.2.9 – Release Notes
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Download Link: Download Now

New/Updated Items
  • There are three new options for the sale view: Basic Sale Sheet, UCRR, and UAAR + Res
  • The search criterion Modify Datehas been added to the search tool in DataLog
  • There is a new option in the R-click menu on the sales grid to download all attachments for a sale.
  • There is a new option in the Add-Ins menu to launch a template designer.
  • Fixed a system error that showed the message Code: 5. Access is denied. This error occurred when DataLog was open and the user locked the computer. When the user wanted to unlock the PC, the error message popped up.

ClickForms 7.3.2

Version: AgWare ClickForms 7.3.2  – Release Notes
Release Date: December 13, 2013

  • There is a new Environmental Inspection form in the FCS sub-folder.
  • In response to user requests, two new “no border” forms are now available in a new folder “Letter Forms” in the ClickFORMS Forms Library. The new forms “Letter – Plain” and “Letterhead – No Signature” together with the two previously existing forms now provide multiple options for configuring a letter whether it is single or multi-page, with/without signature, and with/without letterhead. All four letter forms are located in the Letter Forms folder.
  • The Scope of Work and the FAMC Limiting Conditions forms were updated as a result of the most recent USPAP changes.
  • The FAMC Summary 1027A has substantial updates across its three pages as highlighted below.
  • There is a new check-box feature in Preferences-Operations that sets the frames for photo cells and exhibit cells. Now there is no need to turn on/off each frame separately. With the Auto Frame Photo Cells box checked, once an image is placed in a photo cell, the frame is added automatically.
  • An updated Compact Appraisal – SARR is now available. It contains a few text changes, such as that seen for item#21. The old form was archived.
  • Bold, italicized, or underlined text now retains formatting on word processing pages when font size is changed.
  • Labels were switched for ROV Indication and Total Contributions on the ROV and ROV Ex forms and are now labeled correctly.
  • The cursor has been reset to its proper position on the QuickStart page for the UAAR Template.
  • Title changes made to the 4-photo page now update in the Forms Manager.
  • The data transfer problem for the Exec Summary Form was resolved. Transfer from the reconciliation page now works correctly.
  • Text boxes now “fill” the frames for the text field groups on cover pages.
  • Two minor text corrections were made to the FEMA Flood form.
  • A minor typo on the Highest & Best Use form was corrected.
  • Forms using the term “consultant” were archived due to the most recent USPAP changes.