May 2013 Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived in South Dakota. After a very snowy April we can finally look out our office windows and see some green. Hopefully spring has found you as well. Dispite five school snow days in April we managed to get a new DataLog and ClickFORMS release ready for you to download.

Mapping in the DataLog is finally started! We still have more features to add but you can get started today. Sales can now be geocoded by dropping a pin onto the embedded Google Maps and a report can be generated showing the location of all the geocoded sales in a search. Check out the DataLog Version 3.2.2 Release Notes for more information.

For Enterprise users there were changes to the server so make sure to wait for the update from your IT departments.
New Software Updates

AgWare DataLog 3.2.2: Main features include Mapping and Permanent Plantings.
Full Release Notes for DataLog

AgWare ClickFORMS 7.2.11: Minor release with several bug fixes to the spell check.
Full Release Notes for ClickFORMS

January 2013 Newsletter

We hope you all have had a great start in 2013. Those of you we talked to in December were very busy with end of the year work. Hopefullly you are all caught up and only as busy as you want to be.

We have been working hard on the software. New versions of both the DataLog and ClickFORMS are ready for you to start using. When you head over to our Download Page make sure you check out the new look of our website. We are also in the process of reworking our help section. Soon all of our help will be in one place with better options for those who want to print a user manual. Speaking of printing you may want to look at the improved printing support in the DataLog.

For Enterprise users there were changes to the server so make sure to wait for the update from your IT departments.
New Software Updates

AgWare DataLog 3.1.3: Main features include Improved Printing Support and the ability to use PDF files on Photo Pages.
Full Release Notes for DataLog

AgWare ClickFORMS 7.2.9: Main features include importing PDF Photo Pages from the DataLog and automatically setting cell formatting.
Full Release Notes for ClickFORMS

August 2012 Newsletter

We hope you all had a great summer. Read on for information about the AgWare Annual Meeting and information on a new ClickFORMS release.
AgWare Annual User Meeting Date Set

Date: Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
Time: 11:30am – 4:00pm
Where: Indianapolis, IN
Location: Westin Indianapolis

The AgWare User Meeting will be held in conjunction with the ASFMRA 83rd Annual Convention in Indianapolis, IN. The meeting will be from 11:30am – 4:00pm on October 30th, 2012. AgWare will provide lunch for all attendees. The meeting is free of charge for all AgWare users and held in order to gather feedback on changes you would like to see in our software. To register for the meeting please e-mail [email protected] by October 15th.

For more information on the ASFMRA Annual Convention please see their website:

*You do not need to attend the ASFMRA convention in order to attend the AgWare meeting.

Whether you can attend the meeting or not, please send us your suggestions for what you would like to see changed in the software: [email protected]
AgWare to Offer Drop-in Session at ASFMRA Meeting

AgWare has traditionally offered a training course during the ASFMRA Annual Convention. This year we are trying something different. Instead of a regular training we are holding our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 30th. Then on the next day, Wednesday October 31st, we are having a Drop-in Support Session.

If you have specific questions or just want a refresher on recent changes to the software you can stop by our room to get personalized answers. You can send us questions ahead of time or just drop in. The Rapid Fire Appraisal session is being held at this same time. Stop in to see us between sessions during the day.

New ClickFORMS Version 7.2.6

A new version of ClickFORMS is ready for you to download and install. This version includes the following changes:

  • Updated FEMA form
  • Adjustments no longer cleared when same sale is re-imported
  • Show page numbers in print dialog
  • Remove signatures when a report is cloned
  • Provide a method to see the image scale directly
  • Provide an option to change default image optimization level

A complete list of changes between all versions can be found on our website.
Snagit Tip

AgWare provides Tech Smith’s Snagit product to all our users. If you don’t already have your copy please contact AgWare for your unlocking key and download information.

The Snagit Version 11 introduced a new setting that is helpful to AgWare users. In ClickFORMS users can right click on an image to get an “Edit in Snagit” menu option. This is useful for adding annotations or cropping an image. However, when working with full page exhibits the image appears too large in the previous version of Snagit,and the zoom level must be changed every time an image is opened.

To solve this problem, in the new version of Snagit click on the “View” tab and then check the option named “Shrink to fit”. Every time a new image is opened, if it is larger than the screen size, the zoom will automatically be adjusted to fit the entire image.

August 2011 Newsletter

As late summer arrives, we have a reminder, a request, and an announcement:

The 2011 Annual AgWare Users Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th from 10am-5pm in Denver, CO. An appreciation dinner will follow. Register for the meeting by replying to this email with User Meeting Registration in the subject line, until Monday, September 12th. We hope you will join us!
Hotel reservations: La Quinta Inns & Suites – 6801 Tower Road – Denver CO 80249 Please call 303.371.0888 by Sep 1st for the AgWare block rate: $85.50 King

Friendly Request:
We encourage all users, whether attending the meeting or not, to email comments, feedback, and suggestions to us so that we may include them at the meeting. Please reply to this message with your comments, etc.

There are two upcoming, identical webinars to help users become acquainted with ClickFORMs 7.0. Space is limited. Register by replying to this message with Webinar Registration and the date in the subject line.
Dates: Wed 31 Aug & Wed 7 Sep
Time: 8am Pacific – 9am Mtn – 10am Central – 11am Eastern

July 2011 Newsletter

Last week we sent out an e-mail announcing a new version of AgWare ClickFORMS. Shortly after that e-mail we found and fixed two issues and updated the current version to 7.0.9.
We try to not have releases so close together. In this case we felt the changes were important enough for a new release.

There were three items changed between these versions.

1) 7.0.8 introduced a bug that would allow our new Word Processor pages to be separated in a report. If the pages are moved out of order the word processor comments can be lost (i.e. an overflow page two is moved before page one).
2) We had reports of the word processor text printing too large. This has been fixed so that the text will print out in a size consistent with the rest of the report. You can still change the font size as needed. Previously if the font size was set the same in a Word Processor pages as the rest of the report the Word Processor page would print larger.
This change required us to change how existing Word Processor pages will print. After updating to 7.0.9 any word processor pages in existing reports will print out smaller than before. The page breaks will still be in the same locations so the page numbers in the report will not change. Just the text itself will be smaller and will wrap before the right edge. In new reports the text will use the full width of the page.
3) The Word Processor page did not wrap correctly if Windows was set to use large fonts. This only affected users that had changed their windows settings to use larger than normal fonts.
We updated the download site on Friday. If you downloaded then you already have the current version. You can verify this by clicking on the “Help” tab in AgWare ClickFORMS and then the “About AgWare ClickFORMS” button. That will show you your current version number.
If you upgraded to version 7.0.8 while it was available we suggest that you download and install version 7.0.9.