Maven Release 19.08.15

Version: AgWare Maven 19.08.15
Release Date: 
August 19, 2019
Download Link: 
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  • Added Commodity input to Subject Details view.
  • Added filter for loading County and Attribute lookup values.
  • Updated County comparison to use Rating Matrix.
  • Updated Rating Matrix table style. Added separate links to Items/Ratings.
  • Added controls to load Matrix Items from a Lookup type.
  • Added RatingMatrix to ComparisonValue calculations.
  • Added RatingMatrix Selection to ComparisonValue grid.
  • Added RatingMatrix classes to Model.
  • Changed LandContribution to pull from SaleLandTotals table.
  • Added SaleLandNonDeeded to Component valuation. Updated SaleInfo ViewComponent.
  • Skip improvement override if no improvements present.
  • Added migration for new AppraisalLand override fields.
  • Added Improvement valuation to ScaLandMix.
  • Updated Evaluation results maps to include all Sale Comparisons.
  • Added join table for AppraisalLand and AppraisalSaleComparison.
  • Updated Land Mix valuator to treat ratios as 100 if all are 0.
  • Reject Subjects with 0 or null EffectiveUnitSize.
  • Added Valuator for SCA Component models. Created base class. WIP.
  • Created base class for SalesComparison model types. Added ScaComponentModel.
  • Extend FindDuplicateSales to consider City, Address, TaxIdRecording.
  • Made manual SCA models unavailable to uers without override permission.
  • Added the Maven Logo to Maven.Admin so that it matches ChattelWeb.admin
  • Added Category field to SubjectDetails.


  • Handle bad attachment data when creating thumbnails.
  • The admin tool will now only show instances of Maven running, not chattel.

Maven Release 19.06.12

All executables are now 64 bit.

  1. When searching for subjects add Deeded Acres, State Name, County Name, Land Use, and Property Type.
  2. Added the ability for Business Admins to delete completed Appraisals
  3. Added missing fields to the workfile
  4. When searching for sales show additional fields (Grantor/Grantee)
  5. Allow manual sales to be used, even if they don’t have a Sale Date.
  6. Fixed Log viewer to use json configured path instead of hardcoded default path.
  7. Add Post Date/Signed Date to the Valuations Grid
  8. Added Improvements grid on the finalized valuation page
  9. Allow Comments, Legal Description, and Attachment to be edited directly on the Valuation screen.
  10. Allow Weighted Average to handle a 0 rating
  11. Don’t show the improvement override screen if the subject does not have improvements
  12. When copying a model set the new copy to “Started”

Reporting Changes

  1. Split the report generator into a standalone exe
  2. When building the workfile, merge in any PDFs, do not convert to images.
  3. Report generation will use it’s own log files.


  1. Added the ability to create a appraisal “Request”
  2. The API can create the request, or it can be created from the valuation page
  3. When a report is saved the request ID is passed back with the webhook notification


  1. Add version 1 of the API
  2. Added webhooks for completed appraisals
  3. Added new Database Roles

Required Database Version: 40043

Maven Release 19.2.21


  • Updated Model copy to include Sale Criteria
  • Added Plat attachment type.



  • Did a hotfix to correct some permission issues.

Required Database Version: 40036

Maven Release 19.2.19



  • On SCA Models added the ability to set the desired rounding for the final opinion of value
  • Split model editing and approval into two different roles: ModelAdmin and ModelEditor.
    All exiting Model Admins will still have their permissions, but new users can be added as only Model Editors. Those users can create, but not approve models.
  • Added all subject attachments (Image and PDF formats) to the output workfile.
  • Add JSON configuration option to allow the full debug page to be shown.
  • Show historical sale data when viewing a completed valuation.
    This ensures that old valuations will show the sales data that was used at the time of valuation, even if that sale is later deleted or changed.



  • Ensured that limited users don’t see menu items that cannot be accessed.
  • Treat empty Min/Max values and zeros the same.


Required Database Version: 40036


Maven Version 19.01.18

First Maven Update

Notice: Maven now requires ASP .Net Core 2.2 be installed on the IIS server.



  • Added new Override Report to show when the sales and final value were changed by the valuer.
  • Improved the Sale search screen with popup detail views and a layout to better support narrow screens.
  • Save Sale Search values to they don’t need to be re-entered when navigating back to the search criteria screen.
  • Added new feature to the SCA Model to allow disable auto selecting sales and make the selection process manual.



  • Fixed issues when dealing with numeric custom fields to allow the values to be changed between whole numbers and floating point numbers.
  • Ensured that floating point numbers were correct in report templates
  • Speed improvements when loading sale details
  • Fixed Workfile to correctly include SpeficiedPersonalInterest
  • Ordered all data tables passed to the report engine.


Database Version Required: 4.3.3.