ClickForms Release 10.1.0

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.1.0
Release Date: March 24, 2021
Download Link: Download Now

  • When using the Farm Credit Canada report summary form, and inserting a sale map we base the lat long off of the subject marker pin.  This would cause the full lat and long coordinate to show up in the text fields. We now trim that down to only 6 places after the decimal point.
  • We now delete linked comments from a imported sale. With this, if the user decides to edit the sale we will delete the linked comment pages and they will get re-added when the sale is done being edited.
  • We were just duplicating Equivalent Units before.  Now Effective Unit Size is a calculated cell.
  • Because of spell check problems we were incorrectly pasting formatted text from word into our word processor form. Specifically the mail merge fields. We have fixed that, and now offer a “Paste Special” for word processor forms which basically allows the user to paste either formatted or unformatted text. The user has to be in the word processor cell and then click the Paste Special.
    1. Text Only – All formatting (Bold, Underline, etc) is stripped and only the text remains.
    2. Keep Source Formatting – We do our best to keep the original formatting
    3. Keep Basic Styling – We only keep Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, sub and super script
  • Refactored Image lists to have a single source instead of setting it in multiple places.
  •  After adding a form, we clear the selection so we cant add more than one form if we click somewhere else in the tree view.
  • Previously when selecting a Lat long from the map on the new subject quickstart page, the latitude and longitude would not be transferred out.
  • Right clicking in the Page properties → Title text field now provides a context menu.

  • We can now import Total RCN and RCN on the cost approach and building valuation forms found in the Canada folder.
  • Fixed bug in adding a subject map with a subject marker when there wasn’t a subject quick start or otherwise Lat Long cell available.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were set to French, you could not import sales using the e number.
  • We don’t export empty values anymore, and we cleaned up the values we export. We now export:
                    • State
                    • County Name
                    • Location
                    • Deeded Acres
                    • Commodity Type Name
                    • Highest Best Use
                    • Zone
                    • Section
                    • Township
                    • Range
                    • Land Use Type Name
                    • Legal Description → will be overwritten if we have a multi liner
                    • Sca Unit Type Name
                    • Effective Unit Size
                    • Grantor
                    • Grantee
                    • Analysis Code
                    • Address
                    • City
                    • Zip
                    • Region
                    • Area
                    • Legal Access
                    • Physical Access
                    • View
                    • Utilities
                    • Tax ID Recording
                    • Property Type Name
                    • ER Land Use
                    • ER Factor
                    • Latitude
                    • Longitude
                    • Improvements Per Month
                    • Improvements Per Year
                    • Improvements Share Percent
                    • Improvements Income Amount
                    • Legal Description → multi liner
                    • Sale Price
                    • Sale Income
                    • Sale Expense
                    • Sale Attribute
                    • Sale Land Deeded
                    • Sale Land Non Deeded
                    • Sale Improvement
                    • Sale Comment
  •   Added ability to validate reports before posting. A Rule set must be setup in Datalog first. The report validator can be accessed in two different ways. Either from the Enterprise → Validate button or from the side toolbox.
  • Fixed issue where Several items where re-worked in the undo code. This was initially caused by a bug in undoing the word processor pages. These changes trickled down to some other items.

ClickForms Release 10.0.9

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.0.9
Release Date: November 11, 2020
Download Link: Download Now

  • Fixed issue where if the same form was added multiple times and it required data to be broadcasted then the user would have to delete these in reverse order so they didn’t muck up the existing data on the report. In this process we did not recognize sections, so users had to rearrange in order to delete the proper form. Now we recognize sections so a user can delete the duplicate form in the same section.
  • To better explain to the reader, we added the full Equivelancy Ratio wording instead of just ER on the ER Land Mix Adjustment form.
  • Changed default formatting on Canada’s land and improvement adjustment cell from $ to %.

ClickForms Release 10.0.8

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.0.8
Release Date: October 27, 2020
Download Link: Download Now

  • Fixed issue where after turning on error messages with the PDF DLL users were encountering a ” Failed to Embed Font, Arial, Bold” Message. For Now we simply turned off the embedding feature, and only use True Type Fonts.
  • Updated fiels exported when copying subject as a sale.
  • Fixed Mapping issue – Subject marker being deleted when sale is unselected
  • Fixed Mapping issue – Moving Subject Pin on map didn’t update latitude and longitude on report
  • Added additional logging for server certificate errors
  • Added 3 items to dropdown on pairing page. blank, Land Mix Calibrated, and Lump Sum

ClickForms Release 10.0.7

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.0.7
Release Date: September 11, 2020
Download Link: Download Now

  • Fix Incorrect Transfer of Highest and Best Use Conclusion between the H&BU page and the new Report Summary page (the values were swapped between the Conclusion and the Current Use values
  • When transferring the Tax amount from the QuickStart page we were transferring to the income approach page, but not the Stabilized Tax field on the Highest and Best use page.  (Note: This is a One way transfer, values entered in on the income or the H&BU page will not affection each other. The Subject QuickStart page is the only location that transfers between the two.)
  • Updated the Page number reference for the UASFLA Market Value Definition to be page 10

ClickForms Release 10.0.6

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.0.6
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Download Link: Download Now

  • Corrected incorrect definitions on the Scope of Work page
  • Link the Subject Quickstart page to the Old and New Income pages
  • Fix numerous missing context ids
  • Optimization: Don’t stream a form to the undo stack when adding a new form
  • Optimization: Don’t execute drawing code when the canvas is locked
  • Update ER Land Mix rounding. The numbers were sometimes different between the SCA Approach page and the Worksheet
  • Update IDs in the Condensed Summary to better match with each other. Big change is using 1066 as the acres number (SCA units) in the Mid-America forms so they will interact with the FCBT approach pages.