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Edit Menu

The edit menu is the second menu item in DataLog, and is located near the upper left hand corner of the program. There are three tabs in configuration that allow the user to modify their user settings, system configuration, and registration information. User Settings:   A) Connect to Database at startup: allows the user to choose […]

File Menu

The file menu is the first menu item in DataLog, and is located in the upper left hand corner of the program.         Refresh Shared Data: This is an enterprise specific item.  This will refresh all data that comes from the enterprise database to ensure that you have the most recent responses, […]

DataLog Layout

Open DataLog and observe that there are four sections to the window. The upper left section shows the directory of the My Sales folder(s); the lower left is a section for tools. The upper right section is a sales grid or list of the sales in the selected folder; and the sale viewer is the lower […]

About AgWare ClickForms

AgWare ClickForms is the report-writing component of the AgWare software package.  With ClickForms, the user has the flexibility to create an appraisal with as many forms and as much narrative content as desired.  There are default report templates available, and users can also customize their own. Other features include, but not limited to: Transfer comparable sales […]

About AgWare DataLog

AgWare DataLog is the database component of the software package.  Once comparable sales have been entered into DataLog, they can be easily managed by the user.  Selected sales can be transferred from DataLog into a ClickForms report with as few as two clicks. Some of DataLog’s features include: Create sales trend reports Create sales location […]