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The Proofing group contains six tool-buttons, three of which are for checking spelling.

The others are for a thesaurus, digital signatures, and image optimization.


Select/highlight the word of interest.

Click the Thesaurus button to open an action window and choose the desired replacement.

Insert a Digital Signature

CF-Tools Tab Digital Sig Instructions

See the Digital Signature tutorial video.

Optimize Images

Optimizing images is an extremely important step to take. Doing this dramatically reduces the file size. In turn, the time required to save/open/close is improved.

There are three easy steps to this process:

  1. Open the Optimize action window and select the images to be optimized.

  1. Choose the desired level of optimization. The software default automatically sets “Resize As” to 300dpi. The user can make changes as preferred. (To multi-select images use the Shift key). ┬áTo change the default setting, see Setting Preferences.
  2. Click OK-Optimize.

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