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  • The final group on the Tools tab is the Free Form Text Group; it includes two buttons: Add Text and Reposition Text.

  • Both buttons turn “green” when on and are “blue” when off.
  • Add free form text by clicking Add Text.

  • To type over fixed text, place the cursor at the beginning of the text to be written over.

Type the desired text.(If your text does not cover all the text you don’t want seen, add spaces).

 You can adjust font size, bold, underline
or italics on the Home tab Font section.


  • Reposition it by clicking Reposition Text. Be sure to click again when finished.
  • To delete free form text, use the Reposition Text tool to “drag” the text off of the page.
  • To use this feature like “white-out”, position the cursor and type a dot/period followed by enough space-bar clicks to create a blank strip.

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