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I have brought in sales within a certain time-frame with several counties selected.
I have then completed a custom sort in one of the columns. This works fine.
Now I need to complete a second custom sort, in a different column.
Every time I set this up, I get an error message and the sort does not complete.

It is not possible to sort by two different columns with multiple items in the column. For example when filtering by Property Type with two or more checked items, DataLog will error when starting a filter on a second column.

You can use multiple columns if you only select one item from each column. This is a specific limitation of the database used for the Enterprise database.
It is possible to perform those types of filters in a local folder without problem. You can add additional items to the first search, the problem only happens in the grid filter.

When sorting sales by date in the grid an error message appeared:
Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.
What is the problem?

Grid filters cannot be used to look for empty Sale Dates.
Instead, sort by date to group all of the blank date items together.

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