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1. ¬†Why must the appraiser enter $/unit values for subject improvements on each of the Sale Adjustment pages? Can’t the values be entered once and transfer to all of the adjustment pages?

Some appraisers attempt to set the $/Unit values once and then duplicate them for all adjustment pages: This is NOT current ASFMRA methodology, and AgWare always incorporates current ASFMRA principles and practices into AgWare agricultural appraisal software.

If AgWare software accommodated transfer of the same values for all of the adjustment pages in the sales comparison approach, how then would that approach differ from the Cost Approach ultimately? It wouldn’t.

For the Sales Comparison Approach, reconciliation comes at the end.

It is presumed that the appraiser inspects a subject property, including improvements.

The Sales Comparison Approach is intended as a head-to-head comparison, therefore the appraiser sets the $/Unit values for the improvements for each sale individually.

The $/Unit should NOT be automatically duplicated for every sale or there has been no considered comparison between the subject and that specific sale.

Until ASFMRA approves and supports a change in SCA methodology, AgWare forms will not change.

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