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The Sale Viewer is located in the lower right hand section of DataLog.  The currently highlighted sale in the sales grid is displayed in the sale viewer.  The viewer allows the user to view the sale data without having to open the sale.  There are multiple sale views available; change the view by choosing an option in the drop down list (1).  You can also turn on the attachment viewer by clicking on the Show Attachments button (2); click it again to turn off the attachment viewer.  At the very bottom of the sale viewer, you’ll see a show extra pages check box (3).  This turns on the photo pages, DCF extra pages, and improvements extra pages.  You can use the copy all button (4) to copy the contents of the sale viewer’s sale sheet(s) to the clipboard.  Use the zoom buttons (5) in the lower right hand corner to adjust the zoom level of the sale viewer.




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