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Sale Override Video Script

This tutorial video will show how to use the sale override feature. This feature is for redacting sale information — say for confidentiality or other reasons, e.g., Grantor, Grantee, Legal Description, Tax ID etc.

To use sale override, click on File and select preferences. In the preferences pop-up, I will click on the “Sale Overrides” section.  For this example, Sale Overrides for Grantor, Grantee, Legal Description, Tax ID and Address were identified. Begin by clicking the Add Field button. In the Field Name, type Grantor and select Grantor. The replacement value is “user defined” and can be whatever you choose. For this demonstration, I will enter Grantor Omitted. I will now click on Add Field to add the next row. I will start typing Grantee and select it. I will use Grantee Omitted for the replacement value. I will repeat these steps for Legal Description, Tax ID, and Address.

When finished, make sure the Enable Overrides checkbox is checked and click OK.

I will now bring the sales in again using the new feature Reimport Sales by clicking on the Tools tab and clicking Reimport Sales. We now see the Replacement Values in the fields we had set up in Preferences on the sale sheet as well as the approach pages.

If you have any questions or comments about Sale Overrides in your ClickForms report, feel free to give us a call at 605-787-7871, or send an email to

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