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Insert PDF Video Script

Hello, and welcome to the AgWare ClickForms insert a PDF tutorial video.  In this video I will show you how to add a PDF file to your report.

First, make sure that your PDF file is located where you can easily find it.  There are a couple of different ways to insert a PDF into your ClickForms report.  One way is by clicking on the insert PDF button on the home tab of the ribbon.  This will bring up a window prompting you to choose a PDF file to insert into your report.  Navigate to the PDF location, highlight it, and then click open.  This will open a new window that lists some options for inserting your PDF.  You should see a preview on the left half of the window, and below it you will see the total number of pages your PDF contains.  You can choose to import all pages, or a specific, sequential range of pages.  Next, you’ll need to choose what kind of exhibit form you would like your PDF to import into; a new exhibit form with a title, with no title, or with no border.  Once you’ve made your selections, click insert.  If you’re inserting a multipage PDF, it will add an exhibit page at the bottom of the forms manager for each page of the PDF.  This method is the fastest method for inserting a PDF into your ClickForms report.  

Another way to insert a PDF is to add an exhibit page to your forms manager from the forms library.  Then, right click in the empty cell of the exhibit form.  Click on the option that says “Insert from PDF file”.  This will bring up the same window as before that allows you to choose various options for importing the PDF.  It shows a preview of the PDF and tells you how many pages the PDF file contains.  Unlike the first option, here you can choose to import your PDF file into the selected exhibit cell.  However, if you choose this option and you’re importing a multipage PDF file, it will only import the first page.

To recap, the first method shown in this video is the best way to import a multipage PDF file while the second method is ideal for single page PDF files.  When using the first import option I demonstrated, you will not be able to insert the PDF into the currently selected exhibit cell, because there isn’t one.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you today.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 605-787-7871, or send an email to  Thank you for taking the time to view this online video, and thank you for choosing the AgWare software.

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