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First, ensure that you have DataLog open, along with the email containing the sales. If you are not able to simply drag and drop the sale(s) from the email into the desired folder in DataLog, you must manually place the sales into DataLog.

Somewhere in the email, there should be a ‘download as a zip’ link (or something similar); click on that. It should then ask if you want to open or save the sales. Choose to open; this will open a windows explorer window containing the sales in the email.

Next, open a separate windows explorer window and navigate to the location where your sales are stored. If you are using the AgWare default location, follow this general path: My Documents\My UAAR\My Sales. You should see a list of folders and/or sales. Open the destination folder. With the two windows explorer windows side by side, you should be able to drag the sales into the desired folder. Last, confirm directly in DataLog that the sales are there.

* You can find your specific My Sales location by going to the edit menu option in DataLog and choosing configuration. Next, you would go to the system configuration tab. You can then copy and paste the file path next to My Sales (see highlighted example below). You then would paste this into a windows explorer window and press the enter key. This will take you directly to your my sales location without you having to navigate to it.


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