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The Go To group contains the Previous Page, Next Page, and Bookmarks options.


Using the Previous/Next Page buttons is one of several methods available to navigate through a report page by page.


The idea with bookmarks in AgWare ClickForms is that with one or more of them in place, the reader can look at a list of bookmarks in a drop-down list and click the desired bookmark to jump to that location.

  • To create a bookmark, drag and drop the green dot to the blue margin along the left edge of the page in the report.

CF-Home Tab Bookmarks Option

  • Give the label a name or type a message in the window; click Save.

CF-Home Tab Bookmark Name

  • The green dot is now associated with the bookmark name in the drop-down list.

CF-Home Tab Bookmark Jump

  • To jump to a bookmark, click its label in the drop-down list.
  • To remove a bookmark, drag its green dot off of the page.

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