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Here is a look at the File tab drop-down options:


Most of the options under this tab are basic and should be generally familiar to any computer user. A few are specific to AgWare ClickFORMS.

  • New – opens a new blank window for a new report
  • New From Template – opens the template directory so that a new report can be launched from a template


  • New As Clone – opens a directory of reports so that a new report can be launched from an existing report while automatically preserving the original report See the tutorial video about Cloning a Report
  • Open – opens the folder location for most recently saved report
  • Save – saves the currently active report
  • Save As – saves the currently active report with a different/new file name; save the file as a custom template; rename a file or template
  • Print – opens the Print dialog box
  • Create PDF – create a PDF of the currently active report
  • Send – choose the method by which to send a copy of the report to someone else


  • Close – closes the currently active report but leaves the ClickFORMS window open
  • Preferences – opens the Preferences window; see the Preferences tutorial video


  • Exit ClickFORMS – closes both the currently active report and the ClickFORMS window

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