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Sometimes the user accidentally adds a misspelled word to the spell check dictionary.

This can cause some aggravation.

Deleting the unwanted word takes several steps but the few moments it takes are well spent.

  •  Click on one of the Spell Check buttons on the Tools tab.

Note: It is necessary that a misspelled word be in place somewhere in the document, otherwise the spell check will end before a correction to the dictionary can be made. This means that the user might have to intentionally create a typo in order to “open” the Spelling dialog box.

  • The dialog box should open; click on Options…then Dictionaries…OK.

  • Click on Spelling.adu so it is selected/highlighted and then click Edit; there should be a check in the check box already.


  • Select the word in the list so that it appears in the single-line box; click Delete.
  • Notice that there are three tabs for the types of spelling options available.
  • Corrections may be made on any of them, depending on the situation. In this case, the first one.


  • Continue with any other words you want to remove from the list.
  • Click Delete and then OK…OK..OK.

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