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As part of the process to complete the set up for a computer with an Enterprise database, a connection must be established between the two.
After DataLog has been installed, open the program on the local machine.
Click Edit–>Configuration.¬†Choose the System Configuration tab in the UAAR DataLog Configuration window that opens.¬†Next, click the “…” button for the Read/Write Connection text box.


The Build Connection String dialog box will open.
In most cases, the User Name text box and Specify User check box will not be used.
Type in the Server Name and the Database Name into their text box; then click OK.


The “Read Only Connection” should be left blank.
The Read Only Connection is only used if you are using SQL Server replication to provide a read only reporting database.


You can click on the “Test Database” button to confirm that you have the Server and Database name entered correctly.
That test will also verify that you have the correct permissions to access the server and database.

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