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When the active cell contains an image, the graphics options will be enabled.

  • Default options are Fit To Frame and Keep Aspect Ratio.
  • Keep Aspect Ratio maintains the width-height ratio; the scale button works whether this is checked or not.
  • The Scale button is disabled if the Fit To Frame option is selected.
  • Clicking the Scale button opens an information box where an exact degree of scale can be set.

  • The Center Image and Fit To Frame boxes cannot be used together.
  • The Draw Cell Frame and Rotate Left/Right are self-explanatory.

Additional Information

R-clicking on an image/image cell will open a list of options.

  • Available options will be enabled, not “grayed” out.
  • The first four options are self-explanatory.
  • To rotate an image 90 degrees R or L, use those options.
  • For details about how to edit with it, check the Snagit section of this document.
  • To save an edited image as a new file on your computer, choose Save Image To File.
  • To insert a PDF into the image cell or an exhibit cell, choose Insert from PDF File.
  • To insert an image from the computer without using the Photo Sheet, choose the Insert Image from File option.
  • To insert an image directly from a scanner or a camera, choose Insert Image from Device. The device must be set up first.
  • To set up an outside image device source, choose Setup Device Source.

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