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The AgWare software runs fine in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment, but there are some challenges to consider. Appraisers tend to generate a lot of data and use more third party applications that other users in typical associations. This can cause performance issues depending on the setup. Associations that have had the most success running our software in Citrix have gone to hosting 100% of their applications in a single virtual remote desktop.

Here are some interactions to consider:

  1. Cameras – when the users plugs-in their camera they will need to transfer the photos to a network share that is visible from both the client and desktop.
  2. Scanning – Many appraisers have desktop scanners, some of them will scan direction into an appraisal report. Without special setup that will not work across Thin Clients.
  3. Snagit – Desktop screen capture tools such as Snagit or the Snipping tool are often used by appraisers to import exhibits from other tools or websites. These tools are usually not installed in the remote environment, or if they are cannot capture local windows.
  4. Transferring sales from the DataLog – It is possible for appraisers to e-mail sales back and forth. The default integration uses the windows clipboard to move the sales from e-mail and the database (via file names). If Outlook is running on a different server this will not always work correctly with a Thin Client.
  5. Importing Data from Word and Excel – It is possible to copy and paste data from Word and Excel into reports. If Word and Excel are running locally this does not always work correctly.
  6. General Confusion of file locations – May times the sizes of the files are 10s of MB. Often our appraisers don’t recognize the difference between networks shares at the bank vs. the association. Running the software in Citrix and then opening and working with files on an association server can cause large performance issues.
  7. Printing – Printing large files back to association printers can also be a bottleneck, many appraisers still have local desktop printers that are not always configured correctly to print from within a Citrix session.

AgWare has users who are running the software in Citrix and are very happy with it, you just need to be careful about what other hardware and software is being used.

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