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On a General Exhibit page, make sure the main cell is active (indicated by yellow high-light). Navigate to the tools tab and select Insert Sale Map.

On the left, you will see a list of all sales that have a latitude and longitude. You
can uncheck any sales that you don’t want on the map.

 You can move the markers if needed

There are standard Google Map tools (Zoom, Map and Satellite view.)

 To Change the labels, click on Map Options and select Display Options then select the preferred label from the drop-down list.

 To add a marker to the map, click on Add Marker.  Place the hand icon where you want the marker and Click.


Enter the name you want and click OK. The added marker will be green to differentiate from sales.


 To add boundaries, click on Boundaries then click add boundaries. Click on at least 3 points to create boundary.


 To change boundary color, click on the Boundaries drop-down and go to Boundary Color and select color. You can also change the opacity by clicking on Boundaries drop-down go to Opacity and select the desired opacity.



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