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AgWare DataLog is the database component of the software package.  Once comparable sales have been entered into DataLog, they can be easily managed by the user.  Selected sales can be transferred from DataLog into a ClickForms report with as few as two clicks.

Some of DataLog’s features include:

  • Create sales trend reports
  • Create sales location maps, with or without a subject
  • Perform various analyses on sales data
  • Select a preferred improvements depreciation method
  • Attach files to be associated with a given sale
  • Embed photo pages and maps into a sale
  • Search the database by any of the numerous criteria in the search screen
  • Share sales with other DataLog users
  • Available Dropbox Integration option


  • AgWare software was developed with the principles of appraising methodology from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA).
  • The software uses a CEV or cash-equivalent-value basis for the analysis of the sale. Land analysis depends in part upon land use ratios determined and input by the user. The ratios are based primarily on puritan land sales data as obtained by user market research.
  • In DataLog, land is valued first, before the improvements; residual dollars go to improvements.

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