Maven Release 24.1

Version: 2024.1
Release Date: January 19, 2024
Download Link: Unavailable for Download

  • The Maven user interface has been replaced with a new single-page application front end running on Blazor Server.  All pages will continue to function the same as in previous releases with URLs being the same as they were with the old MVC application from 23.3 and before. This changes several visual elements but does not change the functionality.

  • Added Editable Attachment Types
    Classifications for Subject Attachments are now editable as a Type.
      Previously the classifications were restricted to a fixed set of values.  Attachment Types can be created and deleted from a new component in the Setup section.

     Click the Plus sign to create a new Attachment Type, type the name of the Attachment Type, and click Save

    Values from this table will appear as options when choosing a Type for an Attachment:

    The previous options have been carried over so they are still available and existing Attachments will lose their Type.  If an Attachment Type is deleted any Attachments using that Type will have their Type cleared out.

    Attachments in Report Templates have not changed and should function the same as before.

  • Added Attachment Tags
    This is a new feature in which Attachment Types are selected for a Model.  This is intended to inform the user which Attachment Types are used and expected by the Model’s Report Template(s).  This step should be completed after setting up Attachment Tags but before running a Valuation or the Attachment Tags won’t show in Valuations.  Here are the setup steps:
    On the Details tab of the MODEL, you will see Attachment Tags at the bottom of the page – click on the “+” sign to set up a new Attachment Tag in the Model.
    The Attachment Tag list shows all Attachment Types available in the database.  It also indicates if the user “MUST” include an attachment for this Tag by checking the Required check box.If there are Attachments in a Subject and a Valuation is run, the Attachment Tags will be seen on the Comments/Attachments tab of the Valuation.

    If the user needs to view the individual attachments on the Subject, the user should go to the Subject tab, and then scroll to the Attachments section to view each Attachment.

  • Added a New Valuation Attachment Grid
    The grid for managing Attachments on the Valuation details page has been updated to work alongside the new Attachment Tags feature set up for a Model. The Valuation Attachment grid will display all Tags used by the Model and allow Attachment files to be assigned to them. If the Tag is required, an indicator is shown.  The Attachment for a specific Tag can be selected from the list of Attachments already uploaded for the Subject, or a new file can be used with the “Upload” button. A page attachment can also be added using the “Create” button. If the current Attachment for a Tag is a page (.docx) file, then it can be edited using the “Edit” button.

  • Added a Model Warning Popup – The warning popup for editing a Model with open Valuations will show only if the model is “Completed”.  Models that have been “Modified” and not re-approved will not show this warning popup.

  • Fixed issue with Inspection Comments
    An Inspection Comments field has been turned back on from where it was accidentally turned off in a previous version.

  • Added Lat/Long Pasting
    A field for entering/formatting Lat/Long values has been added to the Subject map.  This field will parse the entered value and extract Latitude and Longitude values from it for both decimal and Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format.  Lat and Long fields must be comma-separated.

    Pasting the following coordinates is supported:


    • `44`  (Just a Lat value of 44.)
    • `44, -102` (Will parse as Lat 44, Long -102)
    • `44.010,-102.331` ‘102° 43′ 8.9796’
    • `44° 29′ 2.2812” N` (Lat of 44.434)
    • `44° 29′ 2.2812” N, 102° 43′ 8.9796” W` (Lat 44.484, Long -102.719)


    The field is only for entering formatted data, updating the Lat and Long via the map marker or separate input fields will not change the text in the new input field.


  • Added Saved Comments Hint Popup
    Hint text has been added to comment fields supporting the insertion of Saved Comments.

  • Added a Sale Comparison, Side-by-Side
    When attempting to add a specific Sale as a Sale Comparison in an Approach, if the specified Sale was not returned as a compatible match, a pop-up showing the Subject and the specified Sale side-by-side will appear.   The popup can be used to compare the Subject and the Sale to better illustrate the differences so the reason for incompatibility is easier to see.  Discrepancies between the Subject and Sale are summarized at the top of the popup, but these are not comprehensive depending on the Model Settings.  This window only appears if a Sale Index is entered when searching for Sale Comparisons.  If searching by other factors, the popup will not appear.

  • Added Adjustment Report Fields
    Fixed-position fields for Approach Adjustments have been added to report data.  These fields can be used for specific Adjustments instead of having to use RangeStart/RangeEnd over the Adjustments range.  Both Approaches themselves and SaleComparison report objects have the Adjustment fields available.  Up to 5 Adjustment fields are available.  The number corresponds to how they appear on the Approach tab. The names are as follows:






  • Added Valuation Search By Signed Date
    New search fields for Signed Date have been added to the Valuation Search page.  These fields will search for Valuations signed in the date range entered.  If a Valuation has two signers, the last date signed will be used as the search criteria.

    The search box for manually adding Sale Comparison (Add Sales) results grid has been combined into a single input instead of per-column filtering.

  • Changed Role permissions for the Template Editor and Template Test from ‘UAAR_BusinessAdmin’ to ‘UAAR_ModelEditor’.  Users needing to edit and/or test templates will need this permission to perform these tasks.  ‘UAAR_ModelEditor’ is less restrictive and will allow more users to test Templates
  •   Fixed issue – Errors when testing Templates should now display an error message and not cause application failure.
  •  Added -tc option to db-update.exe tool to enable Trust Certificate in the connection.  This may be needed for newer SQL server drivers.
  • Fixed Issue – Subject Land Rows will now import Ratios when a Rule Set has Suggested or Required Values set.
  • Updated Search Result (Sale, Subject, and Valuation) grids to use scrolling instead of paging.