Maven Release 2024.3.53.4017

Version: 2024.2.53.4014
Release Date: June 25, 2024
Download Link: Download Now

  • Added new feature Sale Search Restrictions:

    Search Restrictions are a feature that allows Admins to limit the scope of Sales that Users can search for an access. By creating a Search Restriction and setting that Search Restriction to Users, they can be restricted to only viewing Sales from specific counties and within a specific date range.


    To use Search Restrictions, first create a Search Restriction from the Admin section under User setup:


    The Search Restriction Configuration page has fields for editing the County list and Min/Max Dates. To add Counties, pick a State from the State field and then select whichever Counties to add. Once all Counties are chosen, click ‘Add to List’ to have them added to the list of Included Counties. With this it is possible to add Counties from different States to the Included Counties list. To remove Counties from the list, select them from the Included Counties list and click ‘Remove Selected’. To save changes to the Search Restriction, click ‘Save’.


    After creating a Search Restriction, it can be set for Users by editing their details as an Admin. The Details page now has a select field for setting or clearing that User’s Search Restriction.


    Once a Search Restriction for a User is set, when they search for Sales they should only have results returned that fit within the parameters of the Search Restriction.