Maven Release (Hotfix)

Version: 2022.4.37.2811
Release Date: February 17, 2023
Download Link: Download Now

  • The Flat Sale view was extended to add Ratings 1-5 to the view.  These are not visible in the client software at this time. They will be tested as port of the DataLog release that adds the columns.
  • Fixed issue with the database view Appraisal_V1 is intended to be backwards compatible with clients as the database schema changes. We forgot this and removed the field LandImprovementValue from the view. The updated view will now return the same fields as before.
  • Fixed issue when sales were posted, if the post was an update and there was an error that got by validation, the sale would be deleted, but the new version of the sale was not added.
  • Added Rating[*]Name and Rating[*]Value to the Field Reference class this will allow the first 5 ratings to be used in the Rule Set creation. Rating rows with a name are already required to have a value. Adding this to the rule set field list will allow users to set a default “Name” value for the first 5 Ratings.

  • The Land Improvements field was being read form this location on the “Classic” AgWare ClickForms form set. This was present on the report summary and on the allocation page. This location will continue to work after these fixes:

This is the location for the field on the New ClickForms form set. The dropdown list for the three open allocation lines can be controlled through server response and locked down via a ClickForms Ruleset.

Here is the location in Maven for the same three Other Allocation items: