Maven Release 2023.1.41.3198

Version: 2023.1.41.3198
Release Date: June 23, 2023
Download Link: Download Now

  • Model Evaluations (Land Mix and Component) have been updated to use the new Approach-based backend for valuing Subjects. Front-end user experience should not change from before.
  • Valuing a Subject with an Approach now create an Approach for the selected Model and uses this single Approach to set the overall values for the Appraisal.
  • The data for Appraisals now includes separate “Approach” entries that reflect the application of a Model used to value the Subject. Approaches have their own values for the Land Rows, Improvements, and overall indications.
  • Report templates can now have embedded templates inserted, so that templates can be reused within multiple reports. Subtemplates for the different approach types have been added to the unified Workfile.docx template.To use a subtemplate, include it as a mergefile with the docx: prefix. Example: { MERGEFIELD docx:_LandMixApproach.docx }

    This will search for a template with the given filename in folders in the following order:




    Subtemplates use the same data context as the location they are inserted into the parent template, so if added within a RangeStart/RangeEnd section, the fields in the subtemplate will match up with the Range type that is being looped over. If not inside of a Range, the subtemplate will use the overall Appraisal Data Source.

  • Columns for “County” and “SaleDate” have been added to the Model Evaluation grid. They appear for both valuations and Raw Evaluation Data grids. They can be enabled using the column chooser button to the upper right of the grids.
  • The Subject Quality field has been removed from the Subject entry page. “Subject Quality” is automatically migrated to a new Rating Type called “QualityEX”. This is only done if there is a Valuation Model currently using the “Subject Quality” Comparison Value. Existing Sales are given a QualityEX rating of “3.0” while existing Subjects have a QualityEX rating of whatever their old Subject Quality value was.Models that were using Subject Quality as a Comparison Value have had the Comparison Value replaced with “Rate: QualityEX”.
  • Files stored in the database have been converted from using Base64 encoding to using binary. This will reduce the space used by files by around 25% and allow for Filestream use to further reduce database size for SQL Server Express users.