ClickForms Release 10.4.6

Version: AgWare ClickForms 10.4.6
Release Date: October 20, 2023
Download Link: Download Now

  • 4 New Forms were added to this release:
    • Cover Page (Auto with Image) v2 and Cover Page (Auto) v2
      These pages are the same as the prior pages, but with a comment block added to the bottom of the page. This comment block can be used for any purpose. The comment block was request for disclaimer use, including restricted use statements.
    • Value Definition Only: The top of this page is the same as the “Value Definition, Exposure and Marketing” page but without the Exposure Time and Marketing Time sections. The bottom half of the page is just a comment block. This can be useful in Yellow Book assignments, or with UCAF forms where these items are dealt with elsewhere.
    • Report Summary v2: This is a new option for the UCAF report summary. Several fields have been re-arranged and the labels have been made bold. The prior version of this form “Report Summary” is still in the UCAF folder.The prior version of the cover pages are now in the Outdated Folder.

  • Fixed Comment Block Sizing Bug on the “Cost Approach Summary Page”.
    When Resizing the comment blocks on the Expanded version of the new Cost Approach Summary page, some items did not move correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Rounding on the Non-Head to Head “Improvement Adjustment Worksheet”
    The improvement adjustment worksheet was rounding the Effective Units of the sale when importing sale data. This could cause significant differences in the Grid Adjustment numbers on small acreage sales with a large improvement contribution. This number is no longer rounded on import.
  • Updated to new dictionary reference on the Valuation Definition Pages – When selecting “The Dictionary of Real Estate Market Value” the definition now uses the 7th edition instead of the 6th There was only a single word difference between the definitions. The old sale “under conditions requisite” the new has “under all conditions requisite”
  • Canadian Templates remains a Canadian template instead of our default template if the template is renamed or moved.
  • Fixed typo with ASFMRA on “ER Land Mix Adjustment Worksheet”. It was mistyped as ASFRMA.