Maven Release (Hotfix)

Version: AgWare Maven 2021.2.24.2317
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Download Link: Download Now

  • Fixed issue preventing negative numbers from being pasted into Lat and Long fields when entering Subjects.
  • Added a grid to the Component Model Evaluation results that allows the results of the Evaluation to be exported. This is similar to the existing export for Land Mix Models. The grid contains a “master” row for each Subject in the Evaluation and displays its Sale Index, Date, Actual Value, and Estimated Value. For each master row there are sub-rows for each Land Row of the Subject. These rows display the Land Type Name and the value of each Sale Comparison’s land component that was used to conclude the overall value for it. The data shown is the same information as the Evaluations grid above it, only in a “flattened” format for export to Excel.