DataLog Release 5.8.5

Version: AgWare DataLog 5.8.5
Release Date: March 9, 2022
Download Link: Download Now

  • Made Excel Data map label fields read only.
  • DataLog now only adds labels to Excel comments when more than 1 comments field is being mapped.
  • Added hotkeys to shift Excel data map fields.
    1. If you have a blank or <None> on the bottom row, you can press CTRL+A and it will shift the fields down.
    2. If the bottom row is mapped, CTRL+A will prompt to continue.
    3. Pressing Cancel changes nothing.
    4. Pressing OK shifts the fields down, removing the bottom row.
    5. If you have a blank or <None> on the top row, you can press CTRL+D and it will shift the fields up.
    6. If the top row is mapped, CTRL+D will prompt to continue.
    7. If you move the fields down and save without changing anything else, the map is properly saved.
  • Fixed issue where an Index field was required to be mapped to SaleIndex or youwould get an error when trying to edit/add the data map.