Maven Release 2021.1.15

Version: AgWare Maven 2021.1.15
Release Date: March 18, 2021
Download Link: Download Now

  • Fixed Authentication issue when signing-in using Azure AD.
  • When selecting Attribute Values for Sale/Subject Criteria, the Dropdown box has been replaced with a Grid for better visibility and use with smaller screens.

  • Fixed issue causing `Is Excluded` and non-Excluded Criteria of the same type to cancel each other out.
  • Added optional -f parameter to db-update.exe to specify the command timeout for database updates in seconds.
  • Entering 2-digits for the Year will default to using 20xx.
  • Added link to the Report Template Editor in the Setup menu.

  • Added ProcessId to Report Generator logging output. Added AppraisalIndex to logging when loading the AppraisalDataSource.
  • Added `MinExposureTimeMonths` and `MaxExposureTimeMonths` to the Appraisal Report DataSource to express Exposure time in months instead of days.
  • Search feature has been added to the Evaluation Results grid for Models. This allows the user to search for specific Subjects when reviewing an Evaluation.
  • Individual ComparisonValue ratings have been added to the Evaluation Results grid for Component Models.
  • Fixed PrintOrder for Subject Attribute fields.
  • Added clearer error message when trying to delete AppraisalFieldSets and CustomFieldSets that are currently in use.
  • Removed pages from Custom Report Fields table and added Search box.
  • Added fields to set Exposure Time for Component Model Overrides.
  • Improved performance when downloading Appraisal reports.
  • Updated db-update.exe to ensure the current user is setup in the database before running scripts.
  • Subject Attachments now have a Print Order set.
  • Subjects can now only be cloned if a no partial save data is present.
  • Added error response when trying to add the same Custom Field to a Custom Field Set more than once.
  • Updated auth for API to allow Azure AD via the browser.
  • Added optional Email and Phone Number fields to Log Submission form.
  • Split normal Maven Logs from Report Generator Logs on Log Submission form. Either or both can be selected for submission.
  • Fixed Map popups on the Valuation Search form.
  • Added error response if overriding Component Sales with no Sales for a given Subject Land Row.
  • The End Date for Event Logs search is now inclusive.
  • Removed 2000 character limit from Appraiser Comments and Environmental Concerns fields.
  • Updated GemBox package to v33.