DataLog Release 5.6.6

Version: AgWare DataLog 5.6.6
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Download Link: Download Now

  • Previously the appbar would reset to halfway vertically if it was pushed down close to the bottom then datalog was minimized and then maximized. Now we do our best to keep the original position however if the window is undocked, and the user makes the window smaller, the appbar will continue to stay in position. When the users then makes the window bigger, the appbar will stay in the last known place, so in effect, the appbar will shrink with the window but not grow bigger with the window.
  • Fixed bug when .XLSX driver is not found, no error message was shown. Now if the driver is not found, we show a error message letting the user know what has happened. Also fixed bug when you create a new folder and try to update/create sales in it, nothing happens.
  • When importing a spreadsheet of sales, if the calculated field from excel contained more than two decimal places, then we imported the whole number. Which causes the cell to be “unlocked” because our math and the whole number don’t match. Now when importing a spreadsheet, we round off two decimal places so the two values line up and the cell is locked if it is correct.
  • Added support for multi tract non contiguous polygons in the import from arcGIS. Before we were only looking for single polygons, now we were add all polygons to map when importing.
  • Fixed formatting on dup view form for the acres column. Now we don’t show the $ symbol.
  • Using the delete key to remove a attachment used to only remove the image from disk space. Now it should fire our method to remove the image from the ShellListView as well.
  • Had issues where invalid lat long would cause replication off world map. Now we check to see if the bounding box is smaller than North America, if it isn’t we just default to a single world map.
  • Some users see a incorrectly resized box when adding new counties on an enterprise search. This has been fixed.