Maven Version 19.01.18

First Maven Update

Notice: Maven now requires ASP .Net Core 2.2 be installed on the IIS server.



  • Added new Override Report to show when the sales and final value were changed by the valuer.
  • Improved the Sale search screen with popup detail views and a layout to better support narrow screens.
  • Save Sale Search values to they don’t need to be re-entered when navigating back to the search criteria screen.
  • Added new feature to the SCA Model to allow disable auto selecting sales and make the selection process manual.



  • Fixed issues when dealing with numeric custom fields to allow the values to be changed between whole numbers and floating point numbers.
  • Ensured that floating point numbers were correct in report templates
  • Speed improvements when loading sale details
  • Fixed Workfile to correctly include SpeficiedPersonalInterest
  • Ordered all data tables passed to the report engine.


Database Version Required: 4.3.3.