Maven Release 19.2.19



  • On SCA Models added the ability to set the desired rounding for the final opinion of value
  • Split model editing and approval into two different roles: ModelAdmin and ModelEditor.
    All exiting Model Admins will still have their permissions, but new users can be added as only Model Editors. Those users can create, but not approve models.
  • Added all subject attachments (Image and PDF formats) to the output workfile.
  • Add JSON configuration option to allow the full debug page to be shown.
  • Show historical sale data when viewing a completed valuation.
    This ensures that old valuations will show the sales data that was used at the time of valuation, even if that sale is later deleted or changed.



  • Ensured that limited users don’t see menuĀ items that cannot be accessed.
  • Treat empty Min/Max values and zeros the same.


Required Database Version: 40036