Maven Release 19.10.08

Version: AgWare Maven 19.10.08
Release Date: 
October 8, 2019
Download Link: 
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  • Added support for 3 “extra” valuation categories that are added to the total.
  • Added the Subject Map to the workfile output.
  • Added a Json parameter that controls the directory used for Custom Templates.
  • When starting a new valuation off the request list, the user now stops on the Edit Subject screen before picking a model.
  • Model name shows when editing
  • The Satellite Button shows when editing a subject.
  • Added message indicating max file size allowed when updating attachments.
  • Added Model Info to Workfile templates.
  • Order lookups by Name.
  • Order Custom Field items by Display Order by default.
  • Made model names unique.
  • Search by Improved Sales.
  • Added new model setting to control how many months back to search for sales.
  • Order Comparisons now allow short circuit evaluation on minimum values.
  • Added roadmap image for Appraisal reports.
  • Added Improvement Class matching.


  • Tax ID/Recording field errors with non-descriptive message if entered data is too long.
  • Copying a model keeps the Approved By name.
  • Numeric search fields aren’t clearable.