Maven Release 19.08.15

Version: AgWare Maven 19.08.15
Release Date: 
August 19, 2019
Download Link: 
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  • Added Commodity input to Subject Details view.
  • Added filter for loading County and Attribute lookup values.
  • Updated County comparison to use Rating Matrix.
  • Updated Rating Matrix table style. Added separate links to Items/Ratings.
  • Added controls to load Matrix Items from a Lookup type.
  • Added RatingMatrix to ComparisonValue calculations.
  • Added RatingMatrix Selection to ComparisonValue grid.
  • Added RatingMatrix classes to Model.
  • Changed LandContribution to pull from SaleLandTotals table.
  • Added SaleLandNonDeeded to Component valuation. Updated SaleInfo ViewComponent.
  • Skip improvement override if no improvements present.
  • Added migration for new AppraisalLand override fields.
  • Added Improvement valuation to ScaLandMix.
  • Updated Evaluation results maps to include all Sale Comparisons.
  • Added join table for AppraisalLand and AppraisalSaleComparison.
  • Updated Land Mix valuator to treat ratios as 100 if all are 0.
  • Reject Subjects with 0 or null EffectiveUnitSize.
  • Added Valuator for SCA Component models. Created base class. WIP.
  • Created base class for SalesComparison model types. Added ScaComponentModel.
  • Extend FindDuplicateSales to consider City, Address, TaxIdRecording.
  • Made manual SCA models unavailable to uers without override permission.
  • Added the Maven Logo to Maven.Admin so that it matches ChattelWeb.admin
  • Added Category field to SubjectDetails.


  • Handle bad attachment data when creating thumbnails.
  • The admin tool will now only show instances of Maven running, not chattel.