ClickForms 9.1.10

Version: AgWare ClickForms 9.1.10
Release Date: May 10, 2019
Download Link: Download Now


  • Added ability to filter/search the comments by Title or Text.
  • Added the ability to create sub-folders in the Saved Comments Dialog. This is done by including the folder name and a forward slash (/) in the name.
  • Added new “Improved Sale Sheet” option that includes the first improvements expanded details. If if it is not a house.
  • Added a new “Get File Number” button to the Enterprise Tab of ClickForms and the Post Appraisal popup form.
  • Added forms to support Farm Credit Canada.
  • Added the ability to switch languages between English and French.
  • Added French spell check.
  • Responses pulled from DataLog will now use the language based on the document language.
  • Updated several UCAF labels in-place to make things clearer and avoided confusion with USPAP.
  • Changed the Weighted Age in the UCAF improvement import dialog to use a weighting value of Total RCN instead of contributory value.


  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when trying to save a response on a cell. Happened when it was the very first response to be saved.
  • Fixed issue in a comment block, double-clicking a word in parenthesis highlights the open parenthesis but not the closed one.
  • Updated the footer UAAR copyright to reflect 2019.
  • Fixed issue certain text labels are present on a form to act as a hint for the appraiser but shouldn’t really be printed.
  • Fixed issue when clicking save as a response in the company header, a bug report pops if this is the very first cell and the page responses count is zero (if there are no responses for that page).
  • Fixed PDFs uploaded from Posting Appraisals.
  • Fixed issue if sales are dragged from an Enterprise search into a report, Expanded callouts in the Sales Map display all the same info.
  • Fixed issue when trying to set a Custom Color for map labels the colors default to transparent.
  • Fixed math not working for the new Appraisal Tracking Page.