ClickForms 8.3.10

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.3.10
Release Date: October 13, 2016
Download Link: Download Now


Draw the Subject boundary ClickForms

Allow Pins on the Sales overview map to be moved to allow users to create a nicer looking map.

Added new FEMA Flood Form.

Allow Map Labels to be resized.

Add DCF based Income approach page to the UCAF folder.


Initial Work for Sections

Work has started in ClickForms for adding Sections.  Sections will be used for building multiple tract appraisal or a before/after appraisal in a single container.  This is currently functional for everything except the standard UAAR Cost Approach.  Out next release will have the Cost Approach working with sections and we will provide more information on how to use this feature.

Bug Fixes
  • Automatic page titles will only change letters to lowercase if the entire title was uppercase.
  • Better support High DPI Displays.  Fixed issues with the size of Map Labels.
  • Added support for importing PDF files from scanners using the JBIG format.
  • When running a spell check you can now click off into a different cell and not error.
  • Right clicking in a cell will change the cursor position so that copy and paste will work as expected.
  • If the default font is set to bold, remember it when re-opening a report.