ClickForms 8.0.1

Version: AgWare ClickForms 8.0.1 – Release Notes
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Download Link: Download Now



  • There is a new icon for AgWare ClickForms

CF8-New Icon

  • The “Eagle Head” application button was removed, and the associated options were moved to the File menu, which has returned; this is similar to the current MS Office layout

eaglehead old - File menu new


File menu options

  • With the new version of ClickForms, saved files have a new file extension: “.clkx”; users will be prompted with a message prior to saving changes to files created in previous versions

CF8 Save Message

  • Three FAMC forms were updated with the most recent changes: Summary 1027A; Environmental Disclosure 1010A; Irrigation & Drainage 1013A. One notable change for report content requirements found on the Summary 1027A form Property Data section for Location, is that the GPS reference now must be included/addressed. Previously, this was conditional on availability.
  • There are two new exhibit forms designed to accommodate images of spreadsheet data (non-editable) for purpose of comparison (horizontal/vertical layouts); comment fields are included


newforms2       newforms3

  • Live spellcheck is a new option for all cells and is visible in the active cell only. Enable/disable the spellcheck feature as desired; click File and then Preferences; follow 1-4 as shown

file to preferences    spellcheck1-4


  • The average for Column 1, Dry Crop or Tillable Land for IRS Form 2032 is now calculating correctly
  • Added two missing IDs for Rural and Federal Rural Executive Summary Forms

missing IDs

  • The “Sale #10” column label is more visible on both the Cost and Sales Comparison Approach 6-10 pages