DataLog 4.1.5

Version: AgWare DataLog 4.1.5 – Release Notes
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Download Link: Download Now


  • Removed the prompt “The File contains Blank Rows” when starting an Excel conversion.
  • Updated the drag and drop icon.
  • The statistics grid is now included when printing the Collateral Evaluation grid.
  • On the Range Entry Setup section, the current date range now defaults to the current date range instead of the oldest.
  • New gross and net acres columns for the blocks grid of the permanent plantings section.
  • New weighted summary tab in the permanent plantings section.
  • Support land value calculation option dropdown was added to the permanent plantings section.
  • Updated the Windows 8 start tiles to have a grey background color.
  • New Permanent Planting sale template was added.
  • Updated the existing Show All and Extra Pages templates to show the new permanent planting summary table as well as the new gross and net acres fields.


  • Made the version label bigger on the splash screen to accommodate longer version numbers.
  • Adding attachments during an Excel conversion only worked if the “Update Existing” option was checked.
  • Ignore response files that have a size of zero.
  • After deleting a sale from the enterprise database the grid would not focus correctly.
  • Starting a drag and drop operation in DataLog cleared the clipboard.
  • Unselecting selected sales in the DataLog sales grid was difficult.
  • The copy image button now works for all file types, not just .png and .pdf.
  • Fixed an error in the SaleGridPasteSaleUpdate event.
  • When sorting the rule set rules by name, it wasn’t sorting by name correctly.
  • .kmz is now a safe file attachment.
  • Uploading bug reports directly now instead of through email provider.
  • If you added a date range in the Range Entry setup section, the program would get locked on this section.
  • Fixed the bug when closing out of a server response window with unposted changes made in the grid.
  • The expand all option for Rule Sets was not working.
  • When opening an old spreadsheet that uses the Excel Add-In feature in DataLog 4.0+, the DataLogLookup function was invalid.
  • Collation was case sensitive in the DataLog cache.
  • Redirected the Join Online Meeting link to an AgWare link rather than a direct GoToMeeting link.
  • When you have the zoom on the sale editor set to medium or large, the dropdowns are now automatically resized to fit the width of the text.
  • Adjust Permanent Planting Summary table to reflect the current zoom level.
  • Fixed drag and drop issues where the sales would move rather than copy to the desktop and email messages.
  • Fixed drag and drop sales issue between DataLog and ClickForms.
  • Fixed a bug on the Show All template where deeded acres was showing up in the eighth land row total land value column.
  • Fixed issue that prevented DataLog from starting when a cache was not present.